Movements Headlined Danforth Music Hall Located In Toronto, Ontario, Canada On April 17, 2024



A gloomy Wednesday night did not stop a jam-packed audience from seeing Movements headline show in  Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 17, 2024. The Orange County, California rock band is on tour to support their latest album, RUCKUS!, which was released last August. The 1,500 capacity audience was pumped up to see a show with a great lineup of amazing alternative rock bands.


Paerish performed their first-ever Canadian show as the first opener of the night. The alternative rock band based in Paris entertained the crowd with their brand of rock music, which got the middle of the pit dancing along to their set. Surprisingly, a band that has been playing since 2015 has yet to perform a show in America before this tour. Surely Parrish will gain more fans with their music after their set.



Mathias Court – Lead vocalist, guitars

Frédéric Wah – Guitars

Loic Fouquet – Drummer

Martin Dupraz – Bass



Webbed Wing was the second opener of the show. The rock band gave out great energy and passion in their set. The lead singer brought a laugh to the audience as he mentioned a conversation with a fan after the last show. The fan did not like the band playing “All I Could Ever Want,” which got the audience shouting in approval after playing the song. Webbed Wing’s passionate playing kept the audience energetic from start to finish.



Taylor Madison – Lead vocalist, guitars

Mike Paulshock – Bass

Jake Clarke (not pictured) – Drummer




1. Further

2. Jesus’s Age

3. Perfect

4. For Real

5. I’m Feelin Alive

6. Grew a Tail

7. All I Could Ever Want

8. Saturdays

9. Make a Dime


Tigers Jaw was the last opener of the night. 2019 was the last time I saw this band live, so I was excited to see them again. The band did not disappoint, as the energy was at an all-time high the moment they started playing. Their set featured many of their most memorable songs such as “June,” and “Plane vs Tank vs Submarine,” where the crowd sang loudly to every word. It was a roar of applause after every song, showing appreciation and love towards Tigers Jaw and their music.



Ben Walsh – Lead/backing vocals, guitars

Brianna Collins – Lead/backing vocals, keyboard

Theodore “Teddy” Roberts – Drummer, backing vocals

Colin Gorman – Bass

Mark Lebiecki – Guitar




1. Hum

2. Reckless

3. Cat’s Cradle

4. Hesitation

5. Body Language

6. New Detroit

7. I Won’t Care How You Remember Me

8. Plane vs Tank vs Submarine

9. I Saw Water

10. June

11. Never  Saw It Coming

12. Window


“Free Fallin” by Tom Petty played in the intermission as the crew set up the stage for Movements to play. The song ended, and the lights dimmed black as the crowd roared excitedly. Austin Cressey, Spencer York, and Ira George went onstage, while lead vocalist Patrick Miranda was the last to approach in front of a packed crowd. They began their set with “Lead Pipe” from their latest album RUCKUS! They set up the night perfectly with a banging track that let off great intensity. Patrick admitted he was under the weather, but he didn’t sound sick at all. His vocals were powerful throughout the song while he passionately moved around the stage. Their set featured songs that showcased their music, which features sounds of post-hardcore and indie rock. I loved the slow tune of “Seneca,” before Movements performed the aggressive banger of “I Hope You Choke!” 

The band took a brief break to let Patrick address the crowd about a giveaway for an audience to get an unlimited free guest list to every Movements show the band comes to their cities. I say that is a pretty awesome prize to treat the fans with an opportunity to support their band. The band continued to play their set while some crowd-surfing happening from the middle of the pit. Choosing not to include encores in their set because it’s “corny,” Movements ended the show with their classic hit, “Daylily.” The audience sang loudly to every lyric, which was full of energy to the band’s delight. Movements thanked the crowd before exiting the stage as the audience cheered for a fantastic night of alternative rock music.



Patrick Miranda – Lead vocalist

Austin Cressey – Bass, rhythm guitar

Spencer York – Drummer

Ira George – Lead guitar




1. Lead Pipe

2. Fail You

3. Killing Time

4. Cherry Thrill

5. Full Circle

6. Colorblind

7. Seneca

8. I Hope You Choke!

9. Skin to Skin

10. Submerge

11. Deep Red

12. A.M.P.

13. Kept

14. Daylily





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