Murphy’s Law Rocks Malabar Mo’s on October 31, 2021



Malabar Mo’s Bar & Grill’s  Halloween 2021 celebration included Space Coast’s Murphy’s Law on the outside stage. It was our first trip to Malabar Mo’s Bar & Grill after their recent remodeling. Many, if not all tables inside were full of patrons having dinner and the outside seating was equally as full. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and the parking lot was full and the song “The Brown Eyed Girl” could be heard upon exiting the car. It was 4:30pm and the band started their first set at 4:00pm so we were a bit tardy. Murphy’s Law Space Coast is a 1980’s and 1990’s cover band that also plays classic and current music. This band plays a wide array of songs, most local bands do not cover.

Fronting the band is vocalist Carrie Anne Russo Jamison. Carrie Anne was stunning with her red hair and dressed in a polka dot skirt with a black cropped top. The cool thing was, in the spirit of Halloween, half of the polka dots on Carrie Anne’s skirt were actually skulls. Carrie Anne had the range and pitch to handle all the songs in the Murphy’s Law set lists, as if those covers were her own. Regular bass player Chip Cruey, was out due to medical reasons. His fill in bass player, Buddy Gordon made the most of the opportunity and filled in quite nicely.  Gordon was brilliant sporting a Voodoo hat in celebration of the holiday! Lead guitar player David Green, covered the top riffs and licks of the band’s songs covered in their set lists. Michael Snider on rhythm guitar also doubles on the acoustic twelve string. The drummer is William Glass, and Carrie Anne’s husband. He was have a great time as one can surmise from the smile upon his face.

Murphy’s Law is a great band to have for any occasion. By the smiles on the audience’s faces and the band’s faces, it was easy to see why they are booked every weekend.





Carrie Anne Russo Jamison-Glass – Vocals

Buddy Gordon – Bass (Fill in and photographed)

Chip Cruey – Bass (Full time was out for medical)

David Green – Lead Guitar

Michael Snider – Rhythm Guitar

William Glass – Drums




Setlist 1:

1.) Take Me Down

2.) Hey Jealousy

3.) You Oughta Know

4.) Independence Day

5.) Lights

6.) Sighes

7.) Brown Eyed Girl

8.) Tush

9.) Band On the Run

10.) No More Mr. Nice Guy

11.) Wheel In the Sky

12.) Breakdown

13.) Zombie


Setlist 2:

1.) Love Hurts

2.) Going To California

3.) All Apologies

4.) Hotel California

5.) Girl Crush

6.) Always Remember Us This Way

7.) What’s Going On

8.) Shallow

9.) Keep Your Hands To Yourself

10.) Rambling Gambling Man

11.) Honky Tonk

12.) Bring Me To Life


Setlist 3:

1.) Summer of 69

2.) Kiss Me Deadly

3.) Cinnamon Girl

4.) Creep

5.) Sweet Home Alabama

6.) Come To My Window

7.) Gimme Shelter

8.) R.O.C.K. in the USA

9.) Funk 49

10.) Harden My Heart

11.) Can’t Get Enough

12.) Hit Me With Your Best Shot




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