New England Band Feverslip (Formerly Liv N’ Brilliant) Discusses Name Change And New EP



The New England band formerly known as Liv N’ Brilliant has changed their name to Feverslip and they have newly branded songs to deliver. Feverslip is a no nonsense, bare bones, hard rock band. They gained a loyal following as Liv N’ Brilliant over the years, and now they are poised to present a reinvigorated version of the same great band that their fans have come to love and appreciate.

In this interview, find out the band’s reasons for the name change and how they settled on Feverslip, and what else they might have in store for us in the future.




“Tombstone” video:





Jordon Brilliant – Guitar

Harrison Foti – Drums

Liv Lorusso – Guitar

Brad Hartwick –  Bass

Sam Vlasich – Vocals




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