New Singles from American Teeth, NOT A TOY & Locket Announce Album Details






American Teeth, the sonic alter ego of Elisha Noll, has shared two new and incredibly intimate tracks — Hospital and Waiting Room.




Hospital is a deeply personal and emotive track that will tug at the heartstrings. The song is raw and vulnerable, as it explores the artist’s complicated relationship with hospitals and the painful memories that come with them. With haunting lyrics and a poignant melody, the song is a powerful reflection on loss, grief, and, ultimately, the journey towards healing. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a deeply moving and honest collection of songs from American Teeth.

“The song is written about my relationship to Hospitals,” the artist says, laying his cards face up on the table. “I lost my dad to cancer when I was 12, at the same hospital in Portland, Maine that I would wake up in from my open-heart surgery three years later. I was in the same ICU unit, two rooms down from where I last saw him, and was told that I was talking to him in a half-awake morphine daze. Hospitals felt like a second home for much of my life as my family lived in and out of various hospitals while he was getting treatment, but now they continue to represent many unpleasant memories. This is the first release in a series of songs that tell my story of growing up and dealing with parts of my life that I want to go back and process.”

Waiting Room is just personal for American Teeth.

Waiting Room is a sonic representation of what I remember it feeling like to be a kid living in and out of hospitals for years at a time while my dad was being treated for cancer for the first 12 years of my life,” American Teeth says. “Constantly being in a wondrous, childlike state, while being surrounded by the  fear and uncertainty of losing someone who was meant to show me how to live.” 


American Teeeth‘s debut album We Should Be Having Fun is out now via Fearless Records



 SICK (Feat. Phem + DE’WAYNE)
 Fix You
SELFISH (Feat. The Ready Set) 


Canadian alt rock band Locket have announced their new album Superluminal out November 10 via Fearless Records. Pre-order it here.
The band has shared the video for Kilayear

The track is a power pop gem that is sprinkled with plenty of sonic heft and grit. Razor sharp riffs, bouncy, singalong choruses, and emotive verse define the song, which appears on their sophomore effort Superluminal.

“Thematically, this track is at the core of what this record is about,” the band shares. “This song is about dealing with the pace at which things change as you get older…how much can happen in a few short years. Learning to cope with things we think we missed out on…unable to slow things down. It feels like mental gymnastics at times, navigating where you think you are vs where you’re really at….but the world keeps turning.”

Recording their second full-length, frontman Brad Garcia states, “When ‘band world’ got put on pause back in 2020, it almost felt like a sigh of relief. We found this sense of freedom in being able to just write music for no other reason than writing music. With real pressure we could just write riffs, not overthink anything. And I think because of that, sonically, the record feels so authentically us.”

 He continues, “Thematically, I approached writing this record from this place of not knowing what’s next (for the band or for ourselves as individuals). It ended up being this cathartic process of learning to deal with this central part of your life being forced across a tightrope, and ultimately learning to be alright if it slips and falls apart, because it might make way for a new chapter. We started writing this album as band guys in our twenties. By the time it comes out we’ll be in our thirties, married, with a clearer understanding of who we are as people that have this insane privilege of making music together where people actually listen. We don’t take that for granted. Also, we all think the album fuckin’ rocks, so that’s probably the most important thing.”

01. Sonic Bloom
02. Blame My Brain
03. Kilayear
04. Rearview Memory
05. Tear Me to Pieces
06. you&I
07. Fun House
08. Glowing
09. Marathon
10. Finale
Locket, whose core members (Garcia, guitarist Cory Bergeron and bassist Travis Morrison) have achieved more than they ever could have dreamed of when they started out 10 years ago in a band under a different name. Once reforming as Locket, they released the album All Out in late 2019. The record earned positive press from publications including Billboard, The Alternative, and New Noise, and the single “Hunnie” has racked up more than 1.3 million Spotify streams. 
Riding high on the back of their viral track Nervous, Denver based genre-bending group NOT A TOY continue to stride towards the release of their upcoming debut album PRBLMS with new single Say So. A buttery R&B/pop cut showcasing gorgeous vocals decorating rolling beats, the track showcases the versatility that has seen  pick up a following. Speaking on the track, the state:
 Say So was such an exciting record for us to make. Jeremy actually came into the studio one day and showed us this demo he was working on. He already had laid down the initial concept that had the main vocal melody on top of the song’s beautiful guitar and that unique kick pattern. It was such a tender song but had this special hard-hitting quality about it so right away we were all freaking out after he showed us. The song came so naturally to us, it all kind of just spilled out of us on the spot.

This idea of wanting someone so bad, but you’re stuck in limbo waiting for them to finally say how they feel. The song’s title was actually “Tunnel Vision” for a long time because one of the main ideas behind the song was about loving someone so much that nothing else even matters, but eventually, we switched the title to say so because the song evolved into dealing with that weird phase of a relationship when you’re kind of insecure because you don’t know if the other person’s feelings are temporary or the real deal. And being in that place where you love them so much and all you need from them is to finally open up, “Say so and I’ll drop it all and find you”, or if not, just say so and I’ll settle for loving you from a payphone.
“Say so I’mma drop it all and find you
Say so and I’ll tunnel vision love you
Say so just don’t leave me in the rearview
I won’t go if you say so”
While we were in the studio, the song just kept surprising us every time we thought it couldn’t get any better. We would make a new part like the bridge and we would be like “This is our favorite part!” and then we made the orchestral outro where TJ played the violin and we we were like “Now that’s our favorite part!”
This one is such a special one for us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.
More on NOT A TOY…
A diverse assemblage of four creative artists whose ambitious music cross-pollinates bedroom pop, emotional melodies, aggressive rock, and trap, NOT A TOY is both band and collective.
Branson Hoog, Benji Spoliansky, Jeremy Marmor, and TJ Wessel are all beatmakers and producers. Art shows, tattoo culture, and streetwear are all part of their creative identity. These four high-school friends cut their teeth skateboarding, breakdancing, and playing punk and emo gigs in Colorado.
PRBLMS is a definitive statement of purpose full of passion, urgency, and charm. Guitars and violin merge seamlessly with programmed grooves, skillfully adorned by warm vocals that range from crisp falsetto to gritty screams. The songs combine the intimate immediacy of anthem-oriented heavy rock, the invigorating punch of trap, and genre-bending dynamics that are cinematic in scope.
NOT A TOY is just getting started.