Nickelback Gets Rollin’ into Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard Connecticut with a sold out show November 20, 2022




Nickelback’s new album Get Rollin’ was just released last Thursday, November 18, and is getting great reviews. In support of this, they did 3 album release shows. Foxwoods Casino’s Premier Theater being the last one. Each night featured a different opening band and The Criticals started off the night for this show.


 The Criticals were formed in 2018 in Nashville Tennessee, by Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart. They have a unique funky 60’s rock vibe with a catchy beat. Parker has a slight resemblance to Jim Morrison in his looks, and some of his moves. The Criticals are a young group of musicians that have a bright future with their catchy original songs. Some of their riffs have a punk sound to them. They also threw in cover of The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, and The Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated”. Parker made the crowd aware that their song “Under Your Nose” was about cocaine, just in case they couldn’t figure it out. During the song “Doll”, they got the fans to sing the chorus “Ahah aha ahah”. Everyone seemed to dig this up-and-coming band!


The Criticals are:

Parker Forbes – Lead vocals

Cole Shugart – Lead guitar, backing vocals

Jesus “Chuy” Rosas – Rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Michael Meadows – Bass guitar, backing vocals

Tyelen Gibbs – Drums, backing vocals




1.Good Lookin’

2.Talk Now

3.United States of Chemicals

4.Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash Cover)

5.The Truth

6.Dancin’ on My Tongue

7.Kansas City

8.Last Night

9.High Life Clinic

10.Clever Girl

11.I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones Cover)

12.Under Your Nose


13.Crocodile Tears



Get Rollin’ is exactly what Nickelback did when they hit the stage. With a slightly later than expected start, Nickelback opened with the set with a song off their new album called “San Quentin”. This song is a little heavier than some of their older stuff, but that makes me like them even more. Though not a diehard fan, I always enjoyed their hit songs on the radio, and they played them all! Chad Kroeger let the fans know that they were knocking the dust off after not having played to a live crowd in about 3 years. He was thinking “Don’t F-up, don’t f-up” while playing the new songs, and said his adrenaline level was high playing to a sold-out crowd. Chad’s birthday had just passed, so he was celebrating with a few Jager-bombs on stage, but only a few. 

With the entire crowd on their feet, Nickelback rolled right in to “Savin’ Me” and “Photograph” and had the entire crowd singing at parts while the band went quiet. Although they only played “San Quentin” and “Those Days” off of the new release, it has been getting great reviews online. They invited up their “biggest fan”, whom they met at Barstool Sports last week, to help sing “Rockstar”. They were amused by his name, Glenny Balls. He has 207,000 followers on Instagram.  They also invited out Rob Dawson, their guitar tech to play on a few songs. With the stage lights all in red, and flames playing on the background, they ended the night with “Burn it Down”. The crowd was singing along and pumping their fists. On the way out, I overheard fans saying how great the show was and that their ears were ringing.

I was lucky enough to capture Nickelback on one of the three album release shows after 3 years of not playing live. It was great to feel the excitement of the sold-out crowd and I think they’ll gain some new fans with their song “San Quentin”. The only date they have scheduled, as of now, is June 17th, 2023, at Tailgate N” Tallboys in Bloomington, Illinois. Go pick up Get Rollin’, you will love it.


Nickelback is:

Chad Kroeger – Lead vocals, guitar

Ryan Peake – Guitar, backing vocals

Mike Kroeger – Bass guitar

Daniel Adair – Drums, percussion, backing vocals




1.San Quentin

2.Savin’ Me



5.Leader of Men


7.Far Away

8.Figured You Out


10.When We Stand Together

11.Those Days

12.Gotta Be Somebody

13.How You Remind Me

14.Burn It to The Ground






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