Obituary's Complete Control Tour of Latin America stops at Yield Rock in Lima, Peru, September 28, 2022.



At the time of writing this review, legendary Death Metal band Obituary have just finished a successful Latin American tour that took them through Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Mexico. I must apologize because this review should have been out several days ago, but due to various circumstances I was unable to do so until now. Despite the time that has elapsed, I must tell you that in all these days since Obituary left Peru to continue his tour, I couldn’t help but remember the energetic presentation they had at the well-known Yield Rock in Lima, Peru thanks to DangerSteel Productions.

Talking about Obituary is talking about a legendary band and founder of the Death Metal scene in Florida, USA. They were among the first bands to offer us those macabre melodies along with those guttural voices so characteristic of the genre. They also recorded anthology albums like Slowly We Rot, Cause of Death or The End Complete (an essential trilogy for all lovers of Death Metal) and became one of the most influential, revered and best-selling death metal bands of all time.

Obituary formed in the swamps of South Florida in 1986 after changing their name from Xecutioner. The band signed with Roadracer Records, a division of Roadrunner that no longer exists today, for the recording of their debut album, the huge and heavy Slowly We Rot (1989). The album was engineered by the legendary Scott Burns at Morrisound Studio, which would go on to become the most sought-after facility for album production during the rise of death metal in the 1990s. Obituary quickly became a band unlike any other we’ve ever heard before and it would change the shape of heavy music forever.

Obituary is very loved here in my country because it is one of the few bands that make a mandatory stop in Peru when they are in South America and for this writer and photographer it was exciting to finally see them on this third visit since in the previous two, I could not do it.

The show was scheduled for 9:45 pm after performances by local bands Infection and Gore. At the appointed time the lights went out and in the dim light we could see the band enter the stage while listening to the chords of “Redneck Stomp”, an instrumental that has already become a classic in the band’s presentations. From this song the fans entered an ecstasy that lasted the entire show. The setlist continued with “Sentence Day” and “A Lesson in Vengeance”, both tracks from their self-titled album released in 2017. They also took time to perform the single released in 2019 called “A Dying World”. Of course, they reviewed the emblematic albums Cause of Death, Back from the Dead and the debut album Slowly We Rot, from which they interpreted “Deadly Intentions” and the theme that gives the album its name and that marked the end of the show.

The show ended after a little more than 60 minutes that, although they seemed very short, were so effective that the fans ended up totally exhausted from singing and jumping throughout the show. The band led by the Tardy brothers once again demonstrated why they are the kings of Death Metal.



John Tardy – Vocals

Donald Tardy – Drums

Trevor Peres – Guitar

Terry Butler – Bass

Kenny Andrews – Lead Guitar




1) Redneck Stomp

2) Sentence Day

3) A Lesson in Vengeance

4) Visions in My Head

5) A Dying World

6) Find the Arise

7) Dying

8) Don’t Care

9) Threatening Skies

10) By the Light

11) Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out

12) Deadly Intentions

13)I’m in Pain

14) Slowly We Rot



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