Paramore igniting Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on 28th November 2023

Feature Photo credit: Zachary Gray



It has been close to 6 years since Paramore’s last appearance in Australia.  With all the local and international hype of the This Is Why tour, excited fans flocked to Rod Laver Arena on night 2 of 3 sold-out nights that promised to be nothing less than spectacular.  Kicking off the evening was Californian artist Remi Wolf, who burst onstage ready to party and get the crowd going. From the first catchy song “Liquor Store”, she exuded fun and charisma dancing around the stage in wild abandon, the guitarist joining her in “Michael” and “Sexy Villain.” 

Her voice transitioned from rapping to full-bodied belting in songs, demonstrating impressive vocal runs in “Liz” and a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Pink + White.” Wolf’s music is a beautifully eclectic mix of R&B, funk, pop, and hip-hop that seamlessly blends to create a bright catchy, upbeat mood.

As Paramore’s frontwoman Haley Williams remarked, “If hearing her sing doesn’t make you instantly go and listen to her music, then I can’t help you”. No truer words were spoken.



1.) Liquor Store

2.) wyd

3.) Michael

4.) Sexy Villain

5.) Liz

6.) Pink + White (Frank Ocean cover)

7.) Shawty (With “It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy” snippet)

8.) Soup

9.) Disco Man

10.) Photo ID


Paramore, originating in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004, has had a meteoric rise, with their genre-defying sound led by charismatic frontwoman, Hayley Williams. They have evolved from their punk-rock roots to incorporate a diverse range of musical styles, establishing themselves as one of the most successful alt-rock bands. With a spoken word introduction by Hayley Williams opening show, Rod Laver Arena went into darkness as a spotlight shone on guitarist Taylor York. The crowd erupted as the opening riff “Grey Area (Note To Self)” filled the arena.  The two-hour setlist showcased the diversity of their music in their nearly two-decade career, from the emo “Misery Business” –  their “ode to 2007, MySpace profiles, Vans, and white belts”, to the moody track “Decode”, to the anthemic “That’s What You Get” that had all the 30+ year old emos singing along.

Paramore integrated some cheeky cover song snippets in the setlist, with Whitney Houston’s “ I Wanna Dance with Somebody” at the end of “Rose-Colored Boy”, and an Aussie nod to Men At Work’s “I Come from a Land Down Under” during “Hard Times”. There were a few songs from band members’ solo offerings, with Hayley William’s “Crystal Clear” and drummer Zac taking lead vocals on his song “Baby”.

The stage and lighting production was eye-catching and a visual spectacle, the trapezoid lighting structure lowered to create a more intimate vibe for some songs and rotated to create visual dynamic lighting enhancing the mood of every song. Williams took plenty of moments to make banter and connect with the crowd, the ultimate moment by inviting a fan onstage to sing during “Misery Business”. Williams earlier invited the crowd to make the show a safe place to do whatever you needed to do – laugh, cry, shout, dance, and “let your body do its thing”.  The crowd embraced that invitation, creating a collective energy that was palpable, with cheers, fist-pumping, and people singing along at almost a deafening level. 

Williams had a stage presence interwoven with the band’s tight musicianship to captivate and engage an arena. With her fiery orange hair, she danced and jumped around the stage with infectious energy. She had effortless command of every song with her dynamic vocal ability, even casually demonstrating it by getting the crowd to do vocal warmups before launching into “Rose-Colored Boy”.

The climax of the show came in the encore, featuring the fan-favorite “Still Into You” dedicated to Paramore. It was followed by the post-pandemic hit “This Is Why”  which had the elated crowd singing to every word, ending in a confetti bomb and pyro. Paramore’s performance on the final dates of the tour was not just a concert; it was an experience showcasing the band’s evolution, musicality, and unbreakable connection with their devoted fans. My pick is one of the best concerts this year.



Hayley Williams: Vocals

Zac Farro: Drums

Taylor York: Guitar


Photo credit: Zachary Gray




1.) Grey Area (Note To Self)
(Spoken word intro by Hayley Williams) 

2.) You First 

3.) The News 

4.) That’s What You Get

5.) Playing God 

6.) Caught in the Middle 

7.) Rose-Colored Boy

8.) Running Out of Time 

9.) Decode 

10.) Last Hope 

10.) Big Man, Little Dignity 

11.) Liar 

12.) Crystal Clear
(Hayley Williams song) 

13.) Hard Times

14.) The Only Exception 

15. ) Crave

16.) Baby
(HalfNoise cover) (Zac on lead vocals, Hayley on acoustic guitar, Joseph on drums) 

17.) Misery Business

18.) Ain’t It Fun 

19.) Thick Skull


20.) Still Into You

21.) This Is Why






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