Patriotism, Bands, and Motorcycles Dominate the 80th Bike Week Celebration March 11, 2021



All Music Magazine once again went into the American celebration at the 80th annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida. Things were at full throttle as we headed once again to The Broken Spoke Saloon just north in Ormond Beach. As the days wind down, the population of this area explodes hitting a crescendo on the last Saturday night of the event. It was Thursday, March 11, 2021 and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. The sun had been out all day, temperatures in the low 80’s and forecasted to dip down to 61 degrees that evening. What’s not to like? With perfect weather droves of chrome covered motorcycles to the roadways in a 20 mile radius of Main Street.

We were at The Broken Spoke Saloon once again to witness the best live music production of Bike Week, Hairball. We arrived at 3:00pm, a bit early, as I had made a promise to see Miss Intents full show. I only caught the end of it last Saturday night. I needed  also to secure my credentials for the headliner, Hairball.


Miss Intent took the stage at around 5:00pm to a light but energetic crowd. Missy Ten the lead singer, was in a black leather jacket, black knee high boots, and what appeared to be black panties. Rounding out the wardrobe was a wide black studded belt. she was stunning. The confidence and lack of vulnerability had every eye glued in her direction. She smiled, she pouted, and at times she projected a heavy rocker image chick in a Joan Jett fashion. It was more like a “Pink” show when she climbed into the swing over the main bar to perform a few songs swinging back and forth.

Although Missy was extremely captivating, she is backed by an awesome band that was energetic and extremely fun to watch. All this was great, but what really struck me is when the band stopped the show to honor America and the troops. Missy sang the National Anthem as the crowd faced the flag and covered their hearts. Her delivery was up there with the best I have heard in a long time. No interpretation just straight up. It wasn’t about her, as she sang her heart out with perfect tone.

It’s easy to see why Daytona loves this band. Melisa Ten (Missy Ten) is a great performer and a native daughter of Daytona Beach, Florida.



Missy Ten – Vocals

Chris Seymour – Bass

Louie Sposato – Drums

Shane Doss  – Guitar

Montez Garner – Bass Synthesizer

Mark Rice – Sound Engineer




At around 7:00pm The Bobby Friss Band took the stage to a crowd that was starting to grow in numbers. Bobby Friss has been around for 45 years. Six albums recorded bring him to national acclaim in 1988 with the release of the LP  “Cut Loose” which he independently recorded and self-produced. Bobby has shared the stage with Ringo Starr, Train, Trace Adkins, Goo Goo Dolls, Sara Evans, Common, Everclear, David Crosby, The Guess Who, Hall and Oates, B-52s, Eddie Money, Kentucky Headhunters, Molly Hatchett, America, Beach Boys, NERD, Pat Travers, Edgar Winter, Head East, Foghat, 38 Special, Jeff Healy, Dixie Dregs, Smithereens, Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Company, Joan Jett, Rick Derringer, Georgia Sattelites, Joe Cocker, John Cafferty, Pure Prarie League, Leon Russell, Saigon Kick, Bangles, Helix, Grassroots, Todd Rundgren, Grand Funk Railroad, Dokken, Billy Squier, King’s X, Lou Gramm, Gene Simmons, Wierd Al, Bullet Boys, Autograph, American Hi-Fi, Survivor, Steppenwolf, Little Feat, Otis Day and the Nights, and many more.

This night he brought with him guitar player and longtime friend Jerry Riggs. Jerry currently plays guitar in the band “38 Special”. The two guitar players went back and forth playing songs from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The show was fun and extremely entertaining for the guitar enthusiast. Check him out as he is a favorite at Bike Week every year.



Bobby Friss – Guitar/Vocals

Jerry Riggs – Guitar

Dean Mickey – Bass

Leroy Myers – Drums




Well after three bands warmed up the stage, at 9:30pm the time had come for the main event, Hairball. The crowd had really swelled, and everyone was ready for the wonderful show that Michael “Happy” Schneider had put together 18 years ago. Growing up, Michael had dreamed about playing in the bands that were fronted by the great singers of the 1980’s. So, why not recreate the experience with all of them? On this night we were blessed with appearances from Freddie Mercury, Vince Neil, Axl Rose, Mike Reno, Prince, Bret Michaels, Steve Perry, David Lee Roth, Steven Tyler, and Paul Stanley. At this point you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind. Hairball actually had singers, Rich Kosak,  Scott Calderwood, Kris Vox, and Joe Dandy and a huge dressing room to make up this great collaboration of great iconic frontmen.

The show was spectacular with pyrotechnics and amazing lighting. The band of Michael “Happy” Schneider on guitar, bass player Brian “HBK” Hollenbeck, and drummer Billy Thommes are world class musicians and showman just having the time of their lives. You couldn’t help but smile the entire show as each singer was replaced with another every three songs. The anticipation of who is next kept the audience on their toes and resulted in a thunderous applause when they stepped up to the microphone. Hairball is Bike Week’s best show and has played at The Broken Spoke four nights in a row this year with no show being the same. The bands we had this night were Queen, Motley Crew, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Loverboy, Prince, Bret Michaels, Journey, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Kiss.

Again, like earlier the band paid tribute to our service men and women. Happy welcomed for women veterans to the stage from all branches of the service. The crowd cheered wildly as Happy played The National Anthem in Jimi Hendrix style. This is Bike Week, a patriotoic and American celebration!

Everywhere I went all week everyone buzzed about the band Hairball and their production. I just had to experience the show from the Twin Cities. Tribute bands are one thing, but this was next level and out of this universe.



Rich Kosak – Vocals

Scott Calderwood – Vocals

Kris Vox – Vocals

Joe Dandy – Vocals

Brian “HBK” Hollenbeck – Bass

Billy Thommes – Drums

Michael “Happy” Schneider – Guitar



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