Perturbator, HEALTH And Street Sects Bring Their Heaven And Hell Tour To The Plaza Live In Orlando, Florida on 08/31/22



As I pulled into The Plaza Live in Orlando, I finally came to terms with the fact that I had no idea what to expect with tonight’s show. Sure, I had conducted my normal pre-show research and video binging, but I was still in the dark, not the kind of dark that I would soon find myself immersed in, as to how this night would turn out. The one thing I did know was that Perturbator, HEALTH, and Street Sects were in the midst of their 2022 Heaven And Hell Tour and tonight they had their sights set on Orlando Florida.



The doors were open when I arrived, and I was surprised to see no line at the entrance and only a sparse crowd inside the lobby. After checking out the merch tables I got ready for the opening act, Street Sects. Straight out of Austin Texas, Street Sects is comprised of the dynamic duo of Leo Ashline and Shaun Ringsmuth. The opening track was played in virtual darkness, and it wasn’t until the 2nd song that I could see Ashline dressed in a suit, white dress shirt and a long straight blonde wig. Ringsmuth opted for a more comfortable sleeveless shirt while rocking his synthesizer. The crowd was filling in and they really seemed to enjoy the pulsating audio samples that were combined with Ashline’s screaming vocals. 


At some point during the 30-minute set, Ashline decided to lose the wig which had been, up to that point, flying about wildly during his sporadic fits of musical rage. Having no experience with experimental, electronic or noise music, this was definitely a new experience for me. Street Sects were very entertaining, although I was hoping that the combination of backlighting, smoke and constant strobes weren’t going to be a constant for the entire night. A little wishful thinking couldn’t hurt right?


Street Sects:

Leo Ashline: Vocals, Production

Shaun Ringsmuth: Instruments, Samples, Production



By the time the house lights dimmed at 8:00 pm, the venue had filled up nicely. Los Angeles California’s HEALTH was up next. Described as a noise/rock/industrial band, this trio has been grinding since right around 2005 and their most recent studio album, Disco4: Part II, was released earlier this year. The fans were pumped by the time the band hit the stage and it didn’t take long for them to turn the crowd into a sea of bouncing bodies.


With drummer BJ Miller laying down the beats, guitarist Jake Duzsilk provided the vocals. Bassist John Famiglietti was busy working the pedals and his mane of flying hair was silhouetted perfectly against the everchanging colored backdrop. Leo Ashline joined the band onstage to perform their song “THE JOY OF SECT” and then Perturbator came out to perform “Excess” with the guys. The hour-long set was great and really got those in attendance primed for what was yet to come. After the set, John took the time to meet with fans at the merch table and even posed for some photos. Be sure to check out HEALTH’s social links at the bottom of this review.



Jake Duzsilk: Vocals, Guitar

John Famiglietti: Bass, Pedals, Electronics

BJ Miller: Drums



Perturbator’s set time was scheduled for 9:30 pm, so I got caught a little off guard when the lights went out at 9:15 pm. Hey it worked for me and the fans as we were ready to get at it. James Kent, aka Perturbator, is a multi-talented musician that got his start bending strings in black metal bands. He truly is a jack of all trades and his resume includes actor, producer, composer, writer and musician.



As the stage glowed blue, Perturbator took his place on his podium of majestic, electronic magic. On the opposing side of the stage, drummer Dylan Hyard climbed behind his kit and triumphantly raised his sticks high above his head. I’m being honest when I say that I wasn’t prepared for the symphonic pummeling I was about to endure. Songs like “Future Club” had me feeling like I had been thrust into the club scene from John Wick Part 1. The sound that these 2 individuals were producing was beyond remarkable. “Humans Are Such Easy Prey” whipped the crowd into a frenzy and the corresponding light show created a surreal and euphoric ambience.


When he wasn’t busy working the pedals and synth, Perturbator took the opportunity to grab his guitar. In some instances, I’m pretty sure he was doing them all at once, successfully redefining the term multi-tasking. The driving, yet fastidious, performance that Hyard gave was phenomenal. My head is flooded with adjectives when it comes to describing the performance that Perturbator unleashed on the appreciative crowd tonight. Since I’m on a word count, I’ll just use 2, captivating and awe-inspiring. 


Coming into tonight I really wasn’t familiar with these genres of music, but as I write this it’s safe to say that my playlists just got a little more crowded. There are still a few dates to catch this tour before it embarks for Europe so if it rolls through your area I would highly recommend attending. The social links for each of these awesome bands are listed below so please give them a click.



James Kent (Perturbator): Synthesizer, Pedals, Guitar

Dylan Hyard: Drums





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