Peter Baltes Explains Why He Left ACCEPT, How He Joined ASHRAIN, And His Bucket List AC/DC Moment 3/16/2023



Most of you will probably know Peter Baltes from his time in the legendary German metal band Accept, where he spent 42 years as a key songwriter and the bassist for the band. Peter left Accept in 2018 and is now part of a new power metal band called Ashrain, featuring Japanese guitarist and producer Nozomu Wakai.

In this interview, Peter talks candidly about the reasons he left Accept, and how he met guitarist Nozomu Wakai and got involved with Ashrain. He also talks about a very special bass, the importance of family, and the thing that tops his bucket list.

Ashrain has a full-length album called Requiem Reloaded coming out April 14, 2023 on Metalville Records.




“I Still Burn” video:





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