THURSDAY NIGHT 1 – Peter Hook And The Light, Perform Unknown Pleasures And Movement In Full At Manchester Albert Hall 6th April 2023



Peter Hook and the Light, perform Unknown Pleasures and Movement albums in full.
Making my way down the line of fans queuing to get into tonight’s venue, many of whom are in this for the long haul, joining the band over the next three nights with their own residency.

Tonight is not only about reacquainting myself with the music, most of which is part of my musical backdrop, for me, it’s about feeling the music, the performance, seeing and hearing it in its raw form, how it was written how it was performed. Also, understanding how it all became the dirty, filthy, dark underbelly of music, not only for Manchester, also for all those that have followed.

Peter Hook and The Light return to Manchester for a hometown residency over three consecutive nights. Which includes playing full albums by both Joy Division, “Unknown Pleasures”, and New Order’s, “Movement”, both debut albums by the retrospective bands. All perfectly based around the Easter weekend.

Peter Hook, or Hooky as he’s known to his fans, was the founding member and bassist of Joy Division and New Order, two very influential bands of their time. To be in one is amazing but to be in two influential bands is impressive. His playing style is very distinctive as is his low-slung stance on stage. Dare I say a Hooky trademark?

Peter Hook and the Light, started with a play through Joy Division’s first album – “Unknown Pleasures”. The darker and angrier sound of Joy Division seemed to fit Hook’s voice more, with him visibly enjoying barking out some of the lyrics! His stage presence was very good too, with lots of angry pointing at the crowd and many trips to the side of the stage to show off his bass playing up close to the fans. The atmosphere was so intense, the anticipation was immeasurable, the band assembled on the stage, taking to their instruments through the dim light and smoke, as Hooky takes his time and rolls up his sleeves, readying himself for the onslaught of two iconic albums, it was thumbs up and “here we go”, as Hooky launches into “No love lost”, from Joy Divisions, “Substance” album.



As we roll straight into, “Unknown pleasures”, it is worth noting that almost within throwing range, the foundation of Factory music is as impressive as the backdrop at the Albert Hall here in Manchester, a perfect pairing of venue and music. “Unknown pleasures”, at times borders on nihilism, something that grows on you, brings you in and makes you want to delve more, whilst emerging from the shadows. It’s also worth noting how heavy songs such as “Day of the Lords”, “New Dawn Fades”, “Shadowplay”, as well as “Interzone” are, while sturdy anthems. “Disorder” and the divergence of “She’s Lost Control” are delivered with the edge and rawness, that hailed its introduction. The set finished with the atmospheric “I remember nothing”.

After a few minute’s break the band re-emerge on stage, and open with “Procession.” Next up was the poignant, “Dreams never end”, both musically and vocally powerful. A lot of you may think this is just the Hooky show, but that’s far from the truth, the band that is backing him are top-notch. Paul Duffy on bass, electronic drums, and cymbals. Paul Kehoe on drums, David Potts on guitars, and backing vocals with Martin Rebelski on keyboards. This is a tight unit that has the essence of the bands. Of course being brought through by one of the original innovators and someone who strives for the real feel of authenticity, “Senses”, sees the early emergence of what would develop the New Order style, and may I just say that Hooky’s voice on this is so Nick Cave. “Chosen Time”, begins with the iconic rolling bassline, so synonymous with our host tonight. Closing the album out is “Denial”, a chance to let loose, Paul Kehoe on drums drives this forward. A blistering encore takes us through, “Atmosphere”, “Transmission” and tonight’s highlight, a rip-roaring, all-conquering version of “Ceremony” that brings the house down.

There’s still time for the Iconic anthem “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, as the unmistakable strains of “Blue Monday”, starts the band disappear into the night after what can only be described as a triumph.



Set List

1/ No Love Lost

2/ Unknown Pleasures

3/ Disorder

4/ Day of the Lords

5/ Candidate

6/ Insight

7/ New Dawn Fades

8/ She’s Lost Control

9/ Shadowplay

10/ Wilderness

11/ Interzone

12/ I Remember Nothing

13/ Procession

14/ Movement

15/ Dreams Never End

16/ Truth

17/ Senses

18/ Chosen Time

19/ ICB

20/ The Him

21/ Doubts Even Here

22/ Denial


23/ Atmosphere

24/ Digital

25/ Transmission

26/ Ceremony

27/ Love Will Tear Us Apart

28/ Blue Monday