Pierce The Veil Delighted The Sold-Out Crowd at The House Of Blues in Orlando, Florida November 14, 2023



Pierce The Veil finally had clear sailing after their last show at The House of Blues Orlando had been canceled because of Hurricane Ian in 2022. On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, weather wasn’t an issue and the fans lined up to enter the venue to see Pierce The Veil, a band that formed out of the San Diego punk scene. This was a crowd of very passionate young people between the ages of 15 to 35 getting ready to pack in and enjoy the music on the first of two consecutive sold-out nights. When the doors opened at 5:30 pm for the 6:30 pm show, the line flowed through the door as the crowd rushed to fill the floor from the stage back as it’s typical, the shows at the House of Blues Orlando, located in Disney Springs are standing room only with very limited VIP seating. Everyone was excited to see Pierce The Veil, but also equally excited for the supporting acts of Destroy Boys, Dayseeker, and L.S. Dunes.

To start the show,  Destroy Boys, the punk rock band from Sacramento, California, graced the stage at 6:30 PM. The band started their set with “Drink” off their 2021 album Open Mouth, Open Heart. Immediately the charisma of lead vocalist, and co-founder, Alexia Roditis was on display as she played the guitar and belted out the lyrics, and the sold-out crowd showed their approval. After the second song, guitarist and co-founder Violet Mayugba replaced her axe with a microphone and the duel vocalists sang back and forth on “Beg For The Torture.” At one point Roditis tried to motivate the crowd to start a spinning circle for a mosh pit. I was wondering how that could be accomplished as the crowd was packed in like sardines and there really was no room to move. The set went on for seven songs and the audience absolutely loved their high-energy performance.


Band Members: 

Alexia Roditis – Lead Vocals/Guitar 

Violet Mayugba – Guitar/Backing Vocals 

Narsai Malik – Drums 

David Orozco – Bass 





1.) Drink

2.) Crybaby

3.) Beg For The Torture

4.) Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)

5.) I Threw Glass at My Friend’s Eyes and Now I’m on Probation

6.) Muzzle

7.) Fences



After a short delay while the stage was changed over. Security watered the crowd against the barrier as there was no way for those people to get out and get a drink at the bar, much less get to the restrooms. Next, Dayseeker came out swinging! Before the first song “Dreamstate,” Rory Rodriguez asked the fans in the audience to get their phones out and light it up! It was cool looking out and seeing the faces in the sea of people. 

Dayseeker is gaining momentum in popularity and during the show, email notifications went out regarding their upcoming 2024 headlining Australian tour. 


Band Members:

Rory Rodriguez – Lead Vocals

Gino Sgambelluri – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Mike Karle – Drums, Percussion

Ramone Valerio – Bass, Backing Vocals





1.) Dreamstate

2.) Burial Plot

3.) Homesick

4.) Without Me

5.) Crying While You’re Dancing

6.) Sleeptalk

7.) Neon Grave


L.S. Dunes was next and hit the stage like a whirlwind, in true punk rock fashion as Anthony Green danced and flailed around just feeling the music. The set had incredible energy from the entire band from the opening song “Permanent Rebellion,” to the last, “Old Wounds.”  Once again, Green tried to get a mosh pit started, but to no avail as the real estate on the floor was just too tightly packed to make room for the motion needed to get moshing. Anthony Green was mesmerizing even up to when he toppled a portion of the drum kit in the last song “Old Wounds” as if he was trying to make new wounds. He appeared to be fine and the drum kit was put back into place. The set was fun and the energy was over the top. Definitely a band to get out and see!


Band Members:

Anthony Green – Vocals

Frank Iero – Guitar

Travis Stever – Guitar

Tim Payne – Bass Guitar

Tucker Rule – Drums





1.) Permanent Rebellion

2.) Bombsquad

3.) Like Forever

4.) Grey Veins

5.) Benadryl Subreddit

6.) It Takes Time

7.) Grifter

8.) Past Lives

9.) 2022

10.) Old Wounds


The crowd was warmed up and security hurriedly handing out cups of water from behind the barrier to hydrate the packed crowd, just before Pierce The Veil hit the stage. The band led off the night with “Death of an Executioner” as smoke cannons went off. The crowd was in a frenzy while jumping in place and singing along with Vic Fuentes. The energy in the room was over the top. During the second song “Caraphernelia,” confetti cannons exploded into the audience which brought cheers of joy. The fans’ love of Pierce The Veil was evident and every soul in the building seemed to be having the time of their life.

The whole show was similar to a pop concert with a range of ages in the audience but with having much more attitude. It was an entertaining, high-energy night without incident for everyone in attendance and they left satisfied with a perma grin as they headed home.


Band Members:

Vic Fuentes – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Piano/Programming 

Tony Perry – Lead Guitar 

Jaime Preciado – Bass, Backing Vocals/Keyboards, Programming 

Loniel Robinson – Drums 





1.) Death of an Executioner

2.) Caraphernelia

3.) Circles

4.) Pass the Nirvana

5.) A Match Into Water

6.) Emergency Contact

7.) Hold On Till May

8.) Resilience

9.) Bulletproof Love  (Acoustic)

10.) May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight

11.) Hell Above

12.) So Far So Fake

13.) The Jaws Of Life


14.) Besitos

15.) King for a Day




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