Pink Soars at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, California on October 3, 2023



It was Summer Carnival time in San Diego when Pink brought her tour to Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego on Tuesday night. While summer might be officially over, you wouldn’t know it in San Diego. The weather was perfect for a great big end of summer blowout at the new stadium and Pink, along with Grouplove and Brandi Carlile, put on a show for the record books. This was my first time shooting at the new stadium and it lived up to the hype. Great visuals and sound, and a happy excited crowd made for a very memorable evening. 

First up were Grouplove, a band I have seen and photographed many times over the years. Their set was great, maybe a little too short, and I know I have said this over and over again, but if you are going to a show, don’t skip the openers. You are missing out. For those still sitting in their cars in the parking lot, you missed a great set by a fantastic band. For those in the audience, you know what I am talking about. This set also resulted in one of my favorite photographs of the year. Im not going to say which one but here’s a hint, there are actually two microphones in the photo. 


GroupLove are:

Hannah Hooper – lead vocals, keys

Chris Zucconi– lead  vocals, rhythm guitar

Andrew Wesson – lead guitar, backing vocals

Daniel Gleason– bass

Benjamin Homola – drums



GroupLove  Setlist:

1) Deleter

2) Shark Attack

3) Itchn’ on a Photograph

4) (unknown)

5) Tongue Tied

6) Way to Go

7) Colours


Next to take the stage was Brandi Carlisle and her band. As she put it herself, a bar band playing a massive stage, but you what, it worked. Brandi is another artist I have followed for a long time since I first saw her play at the San Diego House of Blues back in 2010.  Brandi told the crowd that it was a long way from playing the Casbah (a small local venue in San Diego) to playing at the new stadium, but not only did they manage to keep their sound beautifully clear (kudos to her front of house sound  engineer) but they actually managed to make the stage look intimate. The best part of the set was that Brandi and the band looked as if they were having there best time possible, and thats always a huge plus. 

And their version of Queens “We Are The Champions” was worth the admission price alone.


Brandi Carlile Band:

Brandi Carlile – vocals, guitar

Phil Hanseroth – bass, backing vocals

Tim Hanseroth – guitar, backing vocals

Yola –  back up vocals

Brittney Spencer – back up vocals



Brandi Carlile Setlist

1) Broken Horses

2) You and Me on the Rock

3) The Story

4) The Eye

5) Hold Out Your Hand

6) Creep (Radiohead cover)

7) Sinners, Saints, and Fools

8) The Joke

9) We are the Champions (Queen cover)


It was now time for Pink. The sun had set and there place was packed. Everybody was ready for the show and as the lights went down all; eyes went up to giant screens where a Max Headroom-style video segment set the tone for the show, promising to be a “cornucopia of pleasures”,  then smiling mouth above the stage began to open. The spotlight hit Pink as she appeared way up above the stage, and followed her as she plummeted towards the stage in her aerial harness. It was time to get this party started. 

Pink has taken her smaller arena show and supersized it. Aerial stunts, giant stage props,  a crazy amount of neon and day-glow colors, fireworks, hits songs, new songs, and even a cover or two, all created a night that no-one in attendance will forget anytime soon. There were a few moments that really stood out for me, the best being  the duet with Brandi Carlile on the Prince tune “Nothing Compares 2 U” and seeing Pink on the piano for the Dylan tune “Make You Feel My Love”.

There was plenty of high flying action as Pink took the the skies in her aerial rig that allows her to literally fly above the crowds in a jaw dropping display of aerial choreography and sheer craziness. Ok, Im a little afraid of heights and seeing her way up there triggered a touch of anxiety. 



Pink Setlist:

1) Get the Party Started

2) Raise Your Glass

3) Who Knew

4) Just Like a Pill

5) Try

6) What About Us

7) Turbulence

8) I Don’t Believe You (Name That Tune – Snippet)

9) Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan cover)

10) Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince cover) (with Brandi Carlile)

11) Just Give Me a Reason

12) F**kin’ Perfect

13) Just Like Fire / Heartbreaker (Partial Pat Benatar cover)

14) Please Don’t Leave Me

15) When I get There

16)I am Here

17) Irrelevant 

18) No Ordinary Love (Sade cover)

19) Trustfall

20) Blow Me (one Last Kiss)

21) Never Gonna Not Dance Again


22) So What



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