P!nk Brings The Summer Carnival Tour to Milton, Queensland, Australia at Suncorp Stadium on February 17, 2024


Feature Image by Alex Kirchner / Suncorp Stadium and Writing by Johan Hodgson



P!NK’s Brisbane Kicked Off in Milton, Queensland, Australia at Suncorp Stadium on February 16, 2024 – a complete blast full of colour, her signature acrobatics, and an absolute feast for the Summer Senses.  Her headline tour lives up to its Summer Carnival name! It is very clear why she is Australia’s sweetheart and why we just cannot get enough of her. Her mesmerizing appearance that glows complete with vibrant P!NK floating flamingos, choreographed dancers, and fashion statements that represent the artist’s brand – she did not disappoint.

It’s as if you entered the Barbie movie with class, a compelling female lead, with strength, kindness, and a powerful voice. It’s an acrobatic show, a fashion parade, a concert, and a summer circus carnival. There is literally something for everyone from every age and background. 



Video by Mez Newen


She introduced her audience to a robotic version of herself. She burst onto the stage with “Let’s Get This Party Started”, closely followed by the crowd favourites, “Raise Your Glass” and “Who Knew.”  When she finally spoke, she said “Hello beautiful people, this place is humungous!” Followed by a quick “Thank You” ten times! She bent down to a fan who handed her a packet of our famous Aussie Tim Tam’s (a chocolate treat if you haven’t been to Aus) and what appeared to be a CD. Before she jumped into “Just a Pill”, she mentioned “ A cornucopia of pleasures!”

Her range in performance is astonishing. At one stage she was sitting down at a white piano whilst singing a Bob Dylan cover with heartfelt emotion and dressed to impress – as if she was receiving one of her 3 Grammy Awards. Every song was sung with the same energy that she brought when releasing them.

She engaged the crowd singing “Trustfall” from her record-breaking #1 selling Album, TRUSTFALL – you don’t need to be a fan as we were entertained with some of the most spectacular trampolining I have ever seen. P!NK has had seven #1 Albums from the nine that she has released. An artist that just keeps coming up with catchy, heartfelt Pop Rock music that every one of the 80,000 in the audience seemed to be singing along to every word. 

Another big artist is touring Australia now, and I can tell you what – I am privileged that I got to attend P!NK’s Summer Carnival to see this powerhouse artist belt out her popular and award-winning songs, all while gliding on a rope in the air across her adoring fans. She has a constant contagious adrenaline. What a role model for our young Aussie ladies – if you work hard, have passion, commitment you truly can do anything. She is a pocket rocket, a mother, a wife, and a global phenomenon! Yet she is down to earth, and authentic, and you just cannot help but like her or is it love?

2018 is the last time Brisbane had P!NK on her Beautiful Trauma World Tour.  P!NK’s 2024 Summer Carnival Tour is the biggest-selling female artist in Australia – ever!  Over her career, she has sold more than 3 million tickets in Australia– the highest by any artist in the region.

P!NK’s last 3 songs were “Blow Me One Last Kiss”, where she was walking like the pied piper with P!NK mannequin blown lips following her every move; “Never Not Gonna Dance Again” and finally the show stopping “So What!”  Whilst the crowd was showered with colourful confetti.  The show was over too soon – the entire stadium didn’t want it to end. 

How does she do it?  It is clear P!NK and her team are a family.  They are passionate about entertaining the crowd and want to have a lasting impact. Long after the concert, I had so many songs running through my head and visions of trapeze, sparkling colour, disco balls, and exceptionally great dancing, which kept me going all the way home on the train from Brisbane’s Roma station to the Gold Coast.

Everyone literally can ‘Raise your Glass’ on a show that oozes summer aperitif, endless energy, and passion.  Thanks P!NK, till you are back again we will be singing along and looking forward to the next tour that only you can bring – a Summer Carnival Feast for everyone’s Senses!




Intro Montage  (video intro; elements of “… more )

1.Get the Party Started  (aerial stunt, w/Eurythmics “… more )

2. Raise Your Glass

3. Who Knew

4. Just Like a Pill

5. Try

6. What About Us  (dance remix)


Act II

7. Heartbeat  (dance sequence to tape)

8. Turbulence  (aerial stunt)

9. Walk Me Home  (shortened piano version… more )

10. Make You Feel My Love  (Bob Dylan cover) (P!nk played the piano)

11. Family Portrait  (piano version – first time… more )

12. Just Give Me a Reason

13. F**kin’ Perfect

14. Just Like Fire / Heartbreaker



15. Please Don’t Leave Me  (Acoustic)

16. Don’t Let Me Get Me  (Acoustic)

17. When I Get There

18. I Am Here

19. What’s Up?  (4 Non Blondes cover)


Act IV

20. Are You Gonna Fall?  (spoken word interlude)


22. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)  (with band introductions; extended intro)

23. Runaway

24. Never Gonna Not Dance Again  (with dancer introductions; extended outro)


25. So What  (aerial stunt; extended intro & outro)







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