P!nk Lands The Trustfall Tour at The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida for the First of Two Nights on November 18, 2023



P!nk came flying into The Amway Center on Saturday, November 18, 2023. Fans, young and old predominately cloaked in the color pink, filed into the arena filling the seats to the rafters.  The mood of the crowd was of anticipation for a great concert and an equally wonderful experience.

Opening the show was the alt-indie band Grouplove, which started on time at 7:45 PM. The band was formed in 2009 and has six studio albums and two Ep’s to date. Grouplove caught me off guard as they haven’t been on my radar, until now and wow, they are a great band to see live. The chemistry between singers, Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper was off the charts. At one point in the show, the two came out on the runway and sang together from their knees bending towards each other in a very powerful and intimate exchange.  There was definitely a “Love” vibe in the air even though the rest of the “Group” was left back on the stage.

The band was exceptional, and the show’s visual experience was equally as great. As I have said, I would really love to see them again playing a longer set than as an opening band.


Band Members:

Christian Zucconi – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar

Hannah Hooper – lead and backing vocals, keyboards 

Andrew Wessen – lead guitar, backing vocals 

Daniel Gleason – bass 

Benjamin Homola – drums 





1.) Deleter

2.) Cheese

3.) Itchin’ on a Photograph

4.) I’m With You

5.) Hello

6.) Tongue Tied

7.) Space Oddity   (David Bowie cover)

8.) Deadline

9.) Ways to Go

10.) Colours


The crowd was getting warmed up with the DJ Kidcutup as he played popular hits.  He was trying to get the crowd rocking into a sing-a-long as people stood and danced in place in front of their seats. 



The DJ cleared off the stage and the house PA system continued playing dance-pop music.  Some fans kept dancing in anticipation of the start of the show. Finally, after what felt like an extended delay, the lights went down and the audience howled in appreciation; the show was about to begin. Pink appeared on the two video screens at the ends of the stage in a Max Headroom style taking head to her fans in attendance. After the video, the lips and mouth above the stage were illuminated and as the mouth opened 30-plus feet above, P!nk was positioned inside. The wait was over and the show started with “Get the Party Started,” the lead single off her second album, Missundaztood released in 2001. The mouth in the sky closed and P!nk dropped attached to duel bungee cords and fell to almost landing on the stage. Then Zoom she was rocketed back up acrobatically flying like something out of Cirque du Soliel, flipping and doing the splits. It was an extraordinary way to open the show! And it was something I had never seen before at a concert. The crowd was equally mesmerized as the party really was just getting started.

After four or five falls, P!nk descended to the stage and was joined by the dancers. They hooked her up to another set of cords suspended by two shirtless muscular men hanging inverted from the stage rafters. The fun wasn’t over as the dancers pulled on her feet slinging her in the air again towards the two handlers. More acrobatics as the two would grap hold by her foot and hands as P!nk was performing without a net! It was truly awe-inspiring as everyone in the Amway Center cheered with every bounce back up into the air.

That was just Act 1, Act 2 started with the arena going dark and a second video of a ballet dancer to the song “Heartbeat”/”Turbulence.”  P!nk appeared on stage with a man but this time tethered with a ribbon-like strap under her arms as the two danced on stage as she was supported by the ribbon. The couple starts to spin and slowly P!nk rises into the air spinning at a faster rate. It was even more athletic than earlier displaying strength and grace as she twirled round and round. 

This show was off the rails as a performance combination of music and acrobatics that went on for four acts of outstanding entertainment. P!nk is like no artist that I have ever seen and probably never will again. The Trustfall Tour is part circus, part ballet, and a mix of a world-class Las Vegas show. Go see P!nk if you get the chance to see a crazy athletic performer with an outstanding great voice!  You will have a great time, I promise.





Intro Montage   (video intro; elements of “… more )  

1.) Get the Party Started   (aerial stunt, w/Eurythmics “… more )

2.) Raise Your Glass

3.) Who Knew

4.) Just Like a Pill

5.) Try

6.) What About Us   (dance remix)

Act II

Heartbeat   (dance sequence to tape)

7.) Turbulence  (aerial stunt)

8.) But We Lost It   (shortened piano version… more )

9.) Make You Feel My Love   (Bob Dylan cover)

10.) Our Song

11.) Just Give Me a Reason

12.) F**kin’ Perfect

13.) Just Like Fire / Heartbreaker


14.) Please Don’t Leave Me   (Acoustic)

15.) Cover Me in Sunshine   (with Willow Sage Hart)

16.) Don’t Let Me Get Me   (Acoustic)

17.) When I Get There

18.) I Am Here

Act IV

 Are You Gonna Fall?  (spoken word interlude)


20.) Blow Me (One Last Kiss)   (with band introductions; extended intro)

21.) Never Gonna Not Dance Again   (with dancer introductions; extended outro)


22.) So What   (aerial stunt; extended intro & outro)






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