Pop Evil’s Skeletons Tour with The Word Alive & AVOID at The Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan – March 17, 2023



Pop Evil just kicked off the Skeletons Tour 2023 at DreamMakers Theater in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan! Joining them were The Word Alive and AVOID – creating an electrifying lineup. If that wasn’t enough to get excited about, the band just dropped their newest album Skeletons the same day! It was a night of unforgettable music with one of the most explosive bands out there. 

DreamMakers Theater is an exciting venue located inside Kewadin Casino in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. This premier entertainment destination features modern stage capabilities with dazzling lighting and sound systems. The theater hosts a wide variety of acts from rock bands, comedians to classic stage performances.  DreamMakers Theater is the perfect place to experience live entertainment while being surrounded by an amazing atmosphere.  

Everyone was in for a wild ride when Seattle band AVOID hit the stage! With high energy from start to finish, this hard core band had the audience up on their feet and jumping. It’s clear that for many in attendance, this was their first time hearing of the band, myself included – but by the end of the night we were all hooked! AVOID took on the stage with such intense energy and enthusiasm that it was impossible to ignore. Their sound is a mix of metal from the 1990’s/2000’s, hard core punk, and a hint of pop punk in creating a powerful and energetic atmosphere that will leave you wanting more.  AVOID is making their mark in the new wave of great young heavy acts!  It was a truly fun experience that left everyone at the venue eager for what lay ahead throughout the night.  It was an unforgettable way to open the night! 

AVOID was signed as the first artist on Fearless Records founder Bob Becker’s label Thriller Records. Their 2018 debut, Alone, debuted at Number 3 on Billboard‘s Heatseekers Pacific Chart and has logged over 1.5 million streams.  Their latest, Cult Mentality, released in 2022, captures the raw power of AVOID.  Their unique sound is sure to make waves in the years to come and bring their wild energy to stages around the world!  



Benny Scholl / Vocals

Nick Olson / Guitar

Paul Jaton / Drums

Chrispy / Guitar



Set List: 

1.) Gator Fest

2.) Cowabunga

3.) Blast Off!

4.) Whatever

5.) Midnight Six

6.) Flashbang!

7.) Can’t Take This Away

8.) Song About James


The crowd roared with excitement as The Word Alive came the stage. The venue was alive with energy as the band began playing their intense melodies. Every member of The Word Alive put their whole hearts into every song, and it showed through the electrifying music they created together.  Playing in a casino, and in a seated venue, was a new experience for The Word Alive. Each song was performed with added levels of intensity and emotion that had everyone up on their feet.  It’s no wonder why this band from Phoenix, Arizona is so beloved by people all over the world!   

Since 2009, The Word Alive has been making waves in the metal scene. Since their emergence, the band has released six albums, have appeared at renowned festivals around the world such as Rock Allegiance, Welcome To Rockville, and Warped Tour.  With their ever-evolving lineup, their no-holds-barred approach to writing music, The Word Alive is set to remain an absolute force against conformity. 

The Word Alive is one of the major players in the post-hardcore scene. Founded in 2008, they quickly gained momentum with a heavy and aggressive sound that grabs your attention right away. Over the years their style has evolved to encompass more melodic elements that add an extra dimension to their music. And now with their appearance on Pop Evil’s Skeletons tour, fans of all genres can experience the thrilling sound of The Word Alive! 


The Word Alive:  

Telle Smith / Vocals

Zack Hansen / Guitar

Daniel Nelson / Drums

Jose DelRio / Guitar



Set List:  

1.) 2012

2.) Nocturnal Future

3.) Thank You

4.) No Way Out

5.) Sellout

6.) New Reality

7.) Life Cycles

8.) Why Am I Like This?

9.) Heartless (Kanye West cover)

10.) Trapped


There’s a special buzz in the air when Pop Evil takes the stage. Whether it’s at a packed festival or an intimate club show, each performance is a testament to the band’s incredible energy and musical prowess. Fans were ecstatic when Pop Evil announced that they would be kicking off their tour in Sault Ste. Marie with the album release party for Skeletons. Hailing from Muskegon, Michigan, Pop Evil chose to start the party in Northern Michigan, and it sure was a night to remember! 

The energy of the crowd was palpable as the band kicked off their set with “Paranoid (Crash & Burn)”.  The crowd cheered on every song they performed, from classics like “Trenches”, “Deal With The Devil”, and “Torn to Pieces” to the live debuts of “Worst In Me”, “Circles”, and “Dead Reckoning” from the new album, Skeletons. As each track roared over the speakers, fans sang along with lead singer Leigh Kakaty, celebrating each lyrical line. Guitarists Nick Fuelling and Dave Grahs are all about powerful riffs, while bassist Joey Walser keeps it heavy with his killer grooves. Drummer Hayley Cramer holds down the fort, keeping things tight and precise.  The crowd gots more and more excited as they experience every masterpiece that these four musicians create—it’s clear their fans know exactly how talented this band is! Even more impressive, there are lots of young kids in attendance who sing along and rock out just as passionately as any diehard fan. It’s inspiring to see how much Pop Evil has already made an impact on music lovers of all ages and it’s clear that Pop Evil lit up Sault Ste. Marie with their electric performance. They are sure to wow audiences across the country as they continue their tour!  

Pop Evil is an unstoppable force in hard rock and metal! The band has been releasing high-energy hits since 2008, with their debut album Lipstick on the Mirror. Since then, they have established a strong presence in the music scene, earning several awards and nominations. Now, with their new tour and album release of Skeletons, Pop Evil continues to make sure that their fans get all the energy they need for an electrifying night of music!


Pop Evil:  

Leigh Kakaty / Lead Vocals

Haley Cramer / Drums

Nick Fuelling / Guitar

Davey Grahs / Guitar

Joey Walser / Bass




Set List:  

1.) Paranoid (Crash & Burn)

2.) Let the Chaos Reign

3.) Deal With the Devil

4.) Set Me Free

5.) Worst in Me

6.) Circles

7.) Dead Reckoning

8.) Fire Inside

9.) Work

10.) Eye of the Storm

11.) Who Will We Become



14.) Waking Lions


15.) Torn to Pieces

16.) Trenches

17.) Breathe Again





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