FEEL IT STILL: Portugal. The Man Amazes The Steelhouse Crowd in Omaha, Nebraska on July 7, 2024



The Steelhouse in Omaha, Nebraska is one of Omaha’s newest venues whose reputation as a premier event facility is skyrocketing, hosted one of the most eclectic concerts I’ve seen in a long time on July 7th, 2024.  Portugal. The Man didn’t just come on stage to play their instruments and sing, they came on stage to represent and illuminate.

The four credentialed photographers/reviewers were not authorized to cover the opening act, Spoon Benders.  Wish we could have because what I was able to hear while waiting to be escorted was jaw-dropping.  Even from the lobby area, I could tell Spoon Benders had the crowd pumped and entertained.  Here’s hoping that one day, I get an opportunity to cover them properly.


Spoon Benders Members:

Katy Black – Vocals/Guitar

Olivia Herald – Drums

Buffy Pastor – Vocals/Guitar

Phoebe Grieves – Bass




Twenty years ago in Wasilla, Alaska some high school buddies got together and formed a band.  Influenced by the alter-ego ideas of Bowie and The Beatles, they knew they wanted the band name to be their alter-ego.  The country Portugal came to mind first, representing one country out of a group of countries in the world. The period was added to indicate that it in itself is one thing.  The Man was then added to represent each member of the band as “The Man”.  The band has gone through several changes, but the quality of music has never wavered.  Like I said earlier they are more than just a band.  They are activists who fight for social injustice and the rights of Native Americans.  They founded the PTM Foundation which helps fund Indigenous causes. More information on that can be found here.  PTM FOUNDATION

As for the show itself, Portugal The Man hit us with pretty much something from every one of their nine studio albums, and then some.  They started with “Grim Generation” and “Creep In a T-Shirt”. What I enjoyed most about this band is that everyone gets their moment in the sun.  Each one is allowed to shine and show off their particular talent.  The night was just one huge jam session filled with sound, lights, and visuals.  Of course, the night would not be complete until they played their biggest hit, “Feel It Still”. They closed with “Live In The Moment” and “Sleep Forever”.  As I left for the evening, I could hear the fans talking about what a wonderful show they witnessed.  The event was one that I certainly will never forget and even as I type this, I Feel It Still.


Portugal. The Man Band Members:

John Baldwin Gourley – Vocals/Guitars/Bass Guitar/Keyboards/Drum Machines 

Zachary Scott Carothers – Bass Guitar/Percussion

Kyle O’Quin – Keyboards/Guitars/Vocals 

Zoe Manville – Vocals/Percussion 

Eric Howk – Guitars/Backing Vocals 









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