Prong and Voivod Slayed the UC Theatre in Bekeley, California on March 9, 2024



It was a beautiful night heading to Berkeley California. Voivod was supported by Prong and Hirax at the UC Theatre and it was and epic night that rocked the ages. 

Hirax was the first band on stage. Hirax is a band formed in 1984, with this new incarnation of the band being one of the best. They charged on stage they dominated it. Starting off the set with with “Baptized by Fire”, they jammed through the tunes as if they were on fire and the crowd was into it.  The set continued with favorites with “The Plague”, “Mouth Sewn Shut” and “Broken Neck”. The show included 16 songs finishing with “Bombs of Death”. The band left the stage promising to come back, sooner than 10 years. 


Follow Hirax band members

Katon W. De Pena – Vocals

Neil Metcalf – Guitars

Jose Gonzalez– Bass

Emilio Marquez – Drums




1). Baptized by Fire

2). Blind Faith

3). Hellion Rising

4). Warlords Command

5). The Plague

6). Black Smoke

7). Faster Than Death

8). Lightning Thunder

9). Hate, Fear and Power

10). Hostile Territory

11). Mouth Sewn Shut

12). Destroy

13). Criminal Punishment

14). Broken Neck

15). El diablo negro

16). Bombs of Death



Prong was up next and they just keep getting better with age. Their first song “The Decent” set the pace for the set. Their set consisted of a Killing Joke cover “Seeing Red,” “Beg To Differ”, “Revenge….Best Served Cold”,  a Chrome cover of “Third From the Sun” and Rush‘s “Working Man”. The Rush cover was my favorite, as the presentation of the song was stunning. The set was riddled with prompts to the crowd, with little response, but it didn’t detour the band at all. They rocked it!


Follow Prong band members

Tommy Victor – guitar, vocals

Jason Christopher – Bass, backing vocals

Tyler Bogliole – drums




1). The Descent

2). Seeing Red (Killing Joke cover)

3). Irrelevant Thoughts

4). For Dear Life

5). Beg to Differ

6). Unconditional

7). Disbelief

8). Cut-Rate

9). Broken Peace

10). Breaking Point

11). Revenge…Best Served Cold

12). Whose Fist Is This Anyway?

13). Another Worldly Device

14). Dark Signs

16). Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

17). Third From the Sun (Chrome cover)

18). Working Man (Rush cover)


When Voivod finally hit the stage, they blew the audience away. Voivod was the powerhouse of the night and they dominated their set. The band started their show with a bang playing “Forgotten in Space” from the album Killing Technology, which was released in 1987. From “Holographic Thinking” to “Fix My Heart” the band rocked just over an hour and they could have done two hours with no complaints as the crowd was completely involved. The show including tracks “Rise” and “Fall” with the band having the crowd completely in their hands. The set ended with “Voivod” released in 1984 on the War and Pain album and they nailed it. What a iconic song! This band showed why they are headliners by how they played.


Voivod Band Members:

Michel “Away” Langevin – drums

Denis “Snake” Bélanger – vocals

Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain – guitars

Dominic “Rocky” Laroche – bass




1). Forgotten in Space

2). Holographic Thinking

3). Tribal Convictions

4). Rise

5). Pre-Ignition

6). Nuclear War

7). Fall

8). Condemned to the Gallows

9). The End of Dormancy

10). Fix My Heart

11). Voivod






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