Ra Band Brings “INTERCORRUPTED” Tour to Houston's Rise Rooftop, Houston Texas, 5/20/22




Ra performed at Rise Rooftop on May 20th, and brought with them Stitched Up Heart, September Mourning and Above Snakes.


Houston’s summer music scene is heating up along with its temperatures. Currently, it is enjoying appearances from amazing veteran rock bands like RA, who came through in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their first album, “From One” with the “Intercorrupted” Tour, which also celebrates the release of their album by the same name. Houston was only the second stop on the tour, which currently runs through June 7th in select U.S cities.

Rise Rooftop, a concert venue placed in the heart of midtown Houston, boasts soaring glass ceilings with sweeping views of vibrant downtown. Beautiful at night, it’s a step above most traditional concert venues with its upscale aesthetic and sprawling bar. Parking is easy and inexpensive at the Midtown Parking Garage, located only two short blocks away, and the area is well-lit and filled with a mix of shops and upscale condominiums. If you’re visiting the Houston area, no need to worry about what to expect at this venue; your experience will be top-notch. Those needing a small respite can retire to the outdoor rooftop bar to relax and get away from the bustling concert crowd.

The opener for the show was Massachusetts-based nu-rock rap band Above Snakes. Although I didn’t get a chance to see Above Snakes play, I did hear them from the bowels of the venue. They sounded great as usual, and I was able to catch up with lead singer Johnny Skulls at the merch booth. He felt the gig went well and they are excited about opening for Ra throughout the remainder of the tour. Shortly thereafter, I excused myself, as fans were waiting in line to chat with him and buy merch. Bass player Dax Dabs was also sighted, and we said a quick hello before he had to bolt to sign something for a waiting fan. I also spotted guitarist Tom Linnane, but didn’t get a chance to talk to him because he was also busy chatting with fans and signing merchandise.


Above Snakes are:

Johnny Skulls – lead vocals

Dax Dabs – bass

Tom Linnane – guitar

Michael Shane – drums





1.) Nothing To Lose 

2.) Adrenaline

3.) Never Alone

4.) Living The Nightmare

5.) The Broken Ones


September Mourning is on this tour, reaping souls as usual – and Houston was ready for it. September Mourning’s transmedia show includes lead singer Emily Lazar as a real-life incarnation of character September, who is traversing the dark universe in search of souls to collect in order to give them a second chance. The presentation is fascinating, and extremely popular with their fan base. Don’t take Lazar literally, by any means. While the September Mourning project is full of colorful characters embedded in a graphic arts comic book (and who are also incredibly talented live musicians), there is another, new aspect to the bands evolution; the minting and selling of non fungible tokens (NFTs). Lazar talks about it during an interview here. Watching them live in concert, though, is an experience you’ll not forget.


September Mourning are:

Emily Lazar – lead vocals

Kyle Mayer – drums

Rich Juzwick – guitar

Patrick Romanelli – bass




Stitched Up Heart seemed to the band everyone was anxious to see, and they did not disappoint. Donned in her usual, colorful tresses, lead singer Mixi Demner and the band opened strong with “Problems”, followed by “Warrior”, as smoked and colorful lighting immersed the tall stage and fell onto the audience below. At this point, the crowd closed in on the stage, and could tell that the band was having a great time. Because of the tall glass walls of the venue, the stage became darker as night fell over the city, which made Stitched Up Hearts’ light show all the more impressive. Demner’s voice sounded strong and supple, and the setlist seemed to fly by during their set; one that ended too soon with “Monster”. It goes without saying that Stitched Up Heart will be welcomed back to Houston without argument.


Stitched Up Heart are:

Alecia “Mixi” Demner – lead vocals

Merritt Goodwin – guitar

Randy Mathias – bass

Jamie Decker – drums




1.) Problems

2.) Warrior

3.) Catch Me When I Fall

4.) Darkness

5.) This Skin

6.) My Demon

7.) Finally Free

8.) Lost

9.) Straightjacket

10.) Monster


Ra was the night’s headliner, and as expected, sounded just as tight as they always have. There are some changes you might like to know about, though. Joining lead singer/songwriter Sahaj Ticotin on this tour are Jordon Mattachione (Killakoi) on guitar, Nick Villareal (formerly of Sons of Texas) on bass, and Dave Perry (Fear of Water) on drums. Sahaj talks about how all this evolved on the Ra Instagram feed with Stitched Up Heart here. Dave Perry also talks about how he ended up playing drums for the band and how thrilled he is about it, during an interview he did with 90’s Rock Podcast with Rob Ebert. The video and interview are both interesting, and provide some insight into how this version of the band came to be.  What you won’t see on this tour are tons of complicated equipment, a million wires laced all over the floor, or an 18-wheeler full of amps on the stage. This less cumbersome setup is refreshing without any loss of impact. In fact, I’d wager that Ra sounds better than they have in years past. Hearing Ra live, particularly with this group of musicians, is a thoroughly new but memorable experience that is completely worth the ticket price.


Ra are:

Sahaj Ticotin – lead vocals, guitar

Jordon Mattacchione – guitar

Nick Villareal – bass

Dave Perry – drums





1.) Fallen Angels

2.) Rectifier

3.) Supernova

4.) Jezebel

5.) Loud

6.) Broken Hearted Soul

7.) Supermegadubstep

8.) Intercorrupted

9.) Let’s Go To Mexico

10.) Enough

11.) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Police cover)

12.) Sky

13.) Do You Call My Name

14.) Superman





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