Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 15 years of music. Live at The Exit Inn of Nashville, Tennessee 6-11-2021




Red Jumpsuit Apparatus  is on the road  celebrating the 15th anniversary of their album “Don’t You Fake It” And they made a stop at the Legendary “ Exit Inn” in Nashville, Tennessee.  As always, All Music Magazine was there to document and share the experience.

The night began with Nashville locals Lonely Youth. Their music was aggressive with lots of fast drums. And even though not many of us knew the band, that did not matter. They snatched our attention very quickly and had us headbanging from the first song to the last. The bass player and drummer were super fun and their energy was high, which was exactly what I needed to begin the night. It is always exciting to see local metal bands and I’m looking forward to seeing this band again.



After LonelyYouth, the pit was on fire and I mean it was a steamy night in Nashville and all that headbanging ruined the pretty makeup of girls faces that I bet took hours to accomplish, but that did not matter. We felt great and refused to go outside or grab water at the bar in fear of losing our prime spot by the stage, the Exit Inn was packed! Thinking that this awesome venue could have been closed last year is unreal. Their support for new bands and local bands is invaluable and Music City would not have the vibrant and diverse music scene without it. I’m beyond excited to see so many people showing and supporting live music.

Next up was the band Astoria State. Astoria State is currently on the road with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Even though Astoria State is a new band they are all well-rounded musicians with years of experience under their belt. Working and supporting various bands in several roles most recently working The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Danny Resnick as a key player and backup singer and Jesse Secatello as their tour manager.

After all the jumping from the first band, Astoria State was a little more serene and the beautiful guitar playing of Jesse Carrol invited us to listen to the lyrics of their songs, and the drums kept us in a bit. Danny Resnick, vocalist and guitarist seem to have a wonderful connection with the other band members. At times you could catch him looking at his fellow members with so much admiration and he was thrilled to share with Nashville his recent project.

I enjoyed how the music will slow down and when you least expect it the drummer will bring the energy right back up. The profound lyrics and the airy guitar riffs are of the experience of these musicians. I invite all of you to listen to “Nobody Knows” and “Leave it to Me ” both available everywhere. This band is here to stay and I’m sure we will see them headlining shows very soon.


The Band:

Danny Resnick (Lead vocals, Guitar)

Jesse Carrol (Guitar)

Cameron Horst (Bass Guitar)

Joel McDonald (Drums-Touring)




While standing in the pit I got to meet some of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus fans. I always like to see what kind of fans a band has and this band has some of the kindest people I have met in the pit at other shows. The diversity of the group was a beautiful thing. I met a 30yr old female correctional officer who drove from nearby town Clarksville, Tennessee to see Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for the first time. But that wasn’t the exciting part,  It was also her FIRST concert, ever! From the look on her face, I knew this was going to be a very special night for her. I had also met people who drove from Kentucky to come and support their favorite band.

When I was invited to cover Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I had no idea who this band was. I went to YouTube and typed their name and “Face Down” was the first song that came up. I listened to it without much thought. All I wanted was to get a vibe from the band and see how they move on stage. My first thought was, this seems like a fun “New Band”. When they took the stage I was taken aback. They looked nothing like the kids I saw in my one minute Youtube research. I knew by the reaction of the crowd, this was them but I was still confused. It was not until Frontman Ronnie Winter told us about how 15 years ago they played their first-ever Nashville show at the same venue and the only difference that time, there were only 6 people in the crowd.

The lyrics of their songs caught me by surprise, and everyone besides me were singing each song as if they had written themselves. I think song lyrics are the secret of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ success. It felts as if the lyrics of the songs are written by regular people, with everyday problems, dreams, and lives. For some bands, the lyrics are an afterthought but not for this one.
The crowd erupted when they played “Face Down”. To me, that song was painful but also liberating. Even though I’m in a happy safe place now, around the same time that song was released, I was going through a horrible time in which I was a victim of domestic violence.  That song took me back to that dark time wishing I had this song at that time of my life. Feeling ashamed and alone in my misfortune, this song lets me know that I was not alone, and others in attendance seemed to have been through a similar situation. It’s been so long since that song was released. For me it is still relevant and it still tells a story that matters. In the USA alone about 4.8 million women are victims of domestic violence. 1 in every 3 women has experienced physical abuse. I appreciate how this band uses its platform and music to empower, celebrate diversity and raise consciousness on real issues.

The lyrics of their music and the message of the band were truly the highlight of the evening and their show was top-notch. Fast drums, energetic guitars accompanied by a deep-sounding bass and dark backup vocals. There was even a mosh pit going. I looked at my new friend, the correctional officer to see how the show was going for her and I can assure you that she was in a happy place. I am sure she will return to see this band every time they come to Nashville. I will do my homework, and go on a deep Spotify dive of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ music so I can sing out loud and clear when they come back to town.



Ronnie Winter – Vocals

Josh Burke – Guitar

Joey Westwood – Bass

Jon Wilkes – Drums






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