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“Asphyxiating Cries” Will Be Released On October 29, 2021


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When Madzilla reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their new album, Asphyxiating Cries, I jumped at the opportunity. My first exposure to the band was on September 11th of this year when they performed at the Warlando Festival in Orlando, Florida. Formed in 2018, Madzilla is comprised of David Cabezas, Daniel Gortaire, Luis Zevallos and Dane Haws. The band prides itself on their style of melodic, thrash-metal and some of their influences include Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Metallica. Madzilla has recently partnered with Do It Records and their new album, Asphyxiating Cries, is being released on Friday October 29, 2021. I was already treated to live performances of “Asphyxiating Cries” and “Endless Damnation” during the Warlando performance and could not wait to dig right into the entire album.




The 1st track on the new album is “Reign,” which is also the band’s newest video and single. “Reign,” simply put is pure hard-hitting entertainment, reminiscent of the old black and white Godzilla movies I watched as a kid. The song starts off with the sounds of air sirens and an ominous warning that “this is not a drill”, while “Madzilla” goes on a rampage. Laden with driving guitar riffs, the song has a deeper philosophical side than meets the eye. According to the band “Reign” is a metaphoric representation of the dark side of human nature. It represents the need to rule, and the unstoppable search for power that can take over a person’s mind. The animated representation of “Madzilla” encompasses these ideas, as it enjoys blood and destruction, and kills for its own rise to power.” I really enjoyed this track, and the video is a blast.


The album’s title track, “Asphyxiating Cries”, is recorded in a frenetic fashion with a tandem of pulsating drums and symphonic guitar licks that will be stuck in your brain long after the song has ended. Cabezas’ sinister vocals and the bass play from Gortaire really bring it altogether. It is no wonder that the band chose this track as the title for the album. With lyrics like “Feel the edge of the knife, Pray your soul may survive, and Welcome the afterlife,” the song definitely takes a walk through the darker side of life. Madzilla shows their diversity on the instrumental track, “Fatal Desire.” The song allows all the members to showcase their musical chops throughout this captivating tune. “Human” is another track that I really enjoyed. Starting off with a minute and a half long power riff, this song really kicks you in the teeth. Throw in some growling vocals and “Human” really delivers. 



Madzilla draws their musical inspiration from real experiences and events. While their lyrics may delve into darker horizons, they are representative of life in the real world. “Endless Damnation” was released in April of this year and its dark and melodic tone is infectious yet haunting. With lyrics like “Shattered hopes and dreams, No denying, breath this disease! Hell will show no fear, and Death intoxicating your screams!” this song is sure to please fans of all metal genres. 



Best Tracks: 

1.Reign – Fun-filled and hard-hitting, plus who doesn’t love a good monstrous rampage.

2. Asphyxiating Cries- A song can’t be the title track unless it’s top-notch. 

3.Human- This song slays, enough said.


Overall Rating: 8/10

If you are a fan of metal definitely give this album a spin, you won’t be disappointed. Madzilla stays true to its roots and delivers some legitimate, blood-spitting tracks that will be sure to find a home on your favorite playlist.



Asphyxiating Cries Track Listing:


2.Endless Damnation

3.Asphyxiating Cries

4.Raging Madness

5.Fatal Desire

6.Silent Assassin


8.Eternal Sorrow


10.Let Me Die





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