RIK EMMETT Discusses Triumph, Family, Guitars, His New Memoir, And The Girl On The Couch October 23, 2023



Rik Emmett found fame as the guitarist and vocalist for Canadian hard rock band Triumph. Writing hits like “Magic Power” and “Fight The Good Fight,” Rik and Triumph went on to sell more than 15 million records and achieve superstardom all over the world. Rik has just released his memoir titled Lay It On The Line, and he comes to the Dr. Music podcast to talk about everything between the covers, and then some!

Rik Emmett is an absolutely wonderful human, and a guy that will answer every question in detail. He is a great communicator and conversationalist, and this unedited interview is a reflection of that. I decided to leave every detail and tangent of this conversation in place because, I believe, it shows the warm spirit of who Rik Emmett really is, and I really think the hardcore fan will want to hear what Rik has to say. We discuss dogs and life stuff, we talk about other people’s music, we talk about normal things that ordinary men experience. And yeah, we talk about Triumph.




“Lay It On The Line” from the US Festival ’83:







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