Rockit Fly Rocks The Alley to A Full House Saturday Night, In Sanford, Florida February 3, 2024



Saturday night is always a hopping night in Sanford, Florida as the bars and restaurants fill up with patrons who are looking to have a good time. The Alley on 114 S Park Ave is known for having great entertainment every weekend, and they were packed to the hilt. The reason they are so popular with bands and patrons is the great lighting and sound they produce on the stage. The Alley is owned by Christopher Johnson as well as Fuel BBQ which has great food next door and meals are available to order in The Alley.

  Rockit Fly was in the house and the dance floor was full as the audience danced to all the popular cover songs from their favorite 1990’s bands like Journey, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Billy Idol, and more.

Rockit Fly’s set consisted of 40 covers and an original “Nasty Complication,” off their newly released album Breakout. The band is one of central Florida’s finest with the unmatched vocals of lead singer Pedro Espada who has the incredible range to cover Journey’s catalog with ease. J Sterling McKeand handles the heavy leads from even songs by Metallica and Guns N Roses running his fingers up and down the frets in true metal fashion. On bass guitar, the steady Brad Lepp keeps the music in line with the other party of the rhythm section, drummer Emmette Hart keeping the beat with hair flying in all directions. Hart just updated his kit with the toms above the drums encasing him almost completely, very reminiscent of the late great Neil Peart.

Rockit Fly plays almost every Friday and Saturday night in Central Florida, so if a great time is what you’re looking for, check them out and get ready to shout, dance, and sing. Then extend your night and listen to their debut album Breakout on the way home!




Pedro Espada – Vocals

Emmette Hart – Drums/Backing Vocals

Brad Lepp – Bass/Backing Vocals

J Sterling McKeand – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals



Additional photos by Francesca Duarte




Set One:

1.Panama  (Van Halen Cover)

2. Hot Blooded (Foreigner Cover)

3. Summer of 69  (Bryan Adams Cover)

4. Jessies Girl  (Rick Springfield Cover)

5. Stoned In Love (Journey Cover)

6. Anyway You Want It  (Journey Cover)

7. Smokin In The Boys Room  (Brownsville Station)

8. Faithfully  (Journey Cover)

9. Talk Dirty To Me  (Motley Crue Cover)

10. Mony Mony  (Billy Idol Cover)

11. Girls, Girls, Girls  (Motley Crue Cover)

Set Two:

12. Nothing But A Good Time  (Poison Cover)

13. Dancing With Myself  (Billy Idol Cover)

14. Separate Ways (Journey Cover)

15. You Give Love a Bad Name  (Bon Jovi Cover)

16. My Sharona  (The Knack Cover)

17. What I Like About You (Romantics Cover)

18. Rock of Ages  (Def Leppard Cover)

19. Man In A  Box  (Alice In Chains Cover)

20. Crazy Bitch  (Buckcherry Cover)

21. Nasty Complication

Set Three:

22. Working For The Weekend  (Loverboy Cover)

23. Jump  (Van Halen Cover)

24. Sweet Child of Mine  (Guns and Roses Cover)

25. Enter Sandman  (Metallica Cover)

26. Dude Looks Like a Lady  (Aerosmith Cover)

27. Living On A Prayer  (Bon Jovi Cover)

28. Pour Some Sugar On Me  (Def Leppard Cover)

29. Don’t Stop Believin  (Journey Cover)

30. Rebel Yell  (Billy Idol Cover)

Set Four:

31. Lovin, Touchin, Sqeezin  (Journey Cover)

32. Jenny Jenny  (Tommy Two Tone Cover)

33. Round and Round  (Ratt Cover)

34. Photograph  (Def Leppard Cover)

35. Tush  (ZZ Top Cover)

36. Girls Got Rhythm  (AC/DC Cover)

37. Monkey Buisness  (Skid Row Cover)

38. Welcome To The Jungle  (Guns and Roses Cover)

39. Animal  (Def Leppard Cover)

40. Oh Sherrie  (Journey Cover)

41. Paradise City (Guns and Roses Cover)



Breakout Track List:

1. Nasty Complication

2. The Reason

3. Shakin’ Blues (intro)

4. Shakin’ Like A leaf

5. (Outtake 1)

6. What You Say

7. Amazing

8. Breakout

9. Free Your Mind

10. Do You Believe

11. (Outtake 2)

12. Ugly

13. Live It Up

14. Take That Shot

15. When It Rains

16. Exit

17. (Outtake 3)

18. Hey You






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