Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal Talks New Art Of Anarchy, New Artists, Sons Of Apollo, G N’ R, And Hot Sauce September 29, 2023



Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal has been a member of such iconic bands as Guns N’ Roses and Asia, and of course the supergroup Sons Of Apollo, and more. He is also a writer, arranger, and producer creating music for his own solo career and the careers of many young artists. At the time of this interview, Ron released a new single called “Vilified” with his band project Art Of Anarchy.

In this interview, Ron discusses an act he is producing called The Dodies, and a young singer/guitarist student of his by the name of Sierra Levesque. Aside from just being one of the nicest guys around and one of the greatest players in the world, Ron is passionate about helping young artists and bringing new music into the world.

Our discussion led to the new single and the upcoming full-length release from Art Of Anarchy, Let There Be Anarchy. Ron discusses the status of Sons Of Apollo and his Guns N’ Roses experience. He also tells us about the possibility of an Art Of Anarchy tour and the art of eating hot sauce.




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