Ron Keel Discusses His Record Label And The Inspiration Behind The Latest Single “When This Is Over” 8/18/2022



Ron Keel’s journey really got started in 1983 when his band Steeler (with a young Swede named Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar) got signed to Shrapnel Records. Shortly after that in 1984, he would start the band KEEL, sign to the A&M label, and go on to sell more than 2 million records. Around that time, Ron was recruited as the singer for Black Sabbath and was mentored and produced by KISS legend Gene Simmons. In 2014, he published his autobiography called “Even Keel: Life On The Streets Of Rock N Roll”.

Ron now has his own radio show called Streets Of Rock N Roll on KRFK Radio and 10 other stations, as well as The Ron Keel Podcast which has the unedited/unfiltered versions of the interviews.
He recently started his own record label called RFK Media, and is constantly writing, rehearsing, and playing with The Ron Keel Band.

In June of 2022 the band released a song called “When This Is Over,” and they are preparing to release a full length record called KEELWORLD.

So, sit back and listen to Ron tell us a bit about his journey, his love for fans, family, and friends, and what he’s got in store for the future.




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