Rose Tattoo & The Poor Bring The Southern Stars Tour 2023 to The Edge Hill Tavern in Cairns Australia on 25/08/2023



Australian rock music was born in the local suburban pubs all around the country, this is where bands developed followings in the 1970’s and 1980’s and was the life force of Australian music until the mid 1990s. Bands like INXS, Midnight Oil and of course Rose Tattoo were part of this vibrant pub rock scene.

The Edge Hill Tavern is a suburban pub and the perfect place to host this Southern Stars  Tour by The Poor and Rose Tattoo.

It is never easy being the support act, but The Poor have a following of their own who were out in force. Forming in Darwin in 1986 and fronted by Anthony “Skenie” Skene, The poor are a powerful force of noise and really kicked the night into gear, that gear mainly represented by black clothing, tattoo’s and the smell of rum…think of a son’s of anarchy episode.


The Poor Are:

Daniel Cox – Guitar 

Anthony “Skenie” Skene – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 

Matt Whitby – Bass Guitar

Gavin Hansen – Drums



Anarchy was what was unleashed on stage with The Poor letting loose with the lead singer, on the barricades, in the crowd and standing on speaker stacks…they gave it their all and more. After their set and a quick breakdown the boys from the poor were happy to mingle, chat and do selfies with the crowd, legends.

At 76 years old Angry Anderson has been a part of the Australian music scene as the lead singer of Rose Tattoo for almost 50 years but he approaches the stage with an enthusiasm of a twenty year old in full flight. The musicians who accompany him in the band are top notch launching straight into Rock N Roll is King and with the audience primed from The Poor’s opening set the crowd responded with great enthusiasm.

Rose Tattoo’s set was an assault on the senses as they moved through their setlist with “One Of The Boy’s” , “Saturday’s Rage” and “Southern Stars”. Anderson had a chat throughout his set about the importance of freedom in Australia, an issue he feels passionately about and which his music has reflected for decades. After almost two hours the band closed out with “Bad Boy for Love and Nice Boys”…absolutely amazing set from a total legendary Australian Band.


Rose Tattoo Are:

Angry Anderson – Lead Vocals

Paul DeMarco – Drums

Mark Evans – Bass Guitar 

Mick Arnold – Slide Guitar 

Ronnie Simmons – Guitar 








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