A Euphoric Evening of Rock With Royal Blood at Sede Legado Videna in Lima, Peru on Sunday, April 7, 2024


Royal Blood, the duo made up of vocalist – bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher returned to Peru after six years to promote their new album Back To The Water Below released in September 2023. It was in 2018 that this British band arrived for first time as a support band for The Killers. They gave a show full of energy that left a great impression on Peruvian fans. This time they arrived as the headliner of their own tour and the venue chosen was the Sede Legado Videna .


Kerr and Thatcher began the musical adventure of Royal Blood in 2011 in the city of Brighton, United Kingdom. Since their beginnings, they stood out thanks to their robust sound and their innovative combination of bass and drums that always surprises their followers and those who just know the band since they do not use guitars and the bass does all the work through a dual system that gives it a unique personality. The band’s sound is simple, consistent and very addictive. Their debut album, which bears the same name as the band, was released in 2014 and its songs topped the British charts.


The Peruvian band Mundaka, known locally for their vibrant fusion of surf rock, dream pop, reggae and jazz, were in charge of opening the concert before an audience that received them with applause. They reviewed the songs that have made them known in the country. They opened their show with “Antena”, a song from their first full-length Sonata Tropical del Artico and then continued with “Sputnik” from their second album Albatros. In between songs they said to the public they were excited to be able to share the stage with Royal Blood. 



Rodrigo Vera Tudela – Vocals, Guitar.

Richard Ángeles – Drums

Rafael Sarmiento – Bass

Nicolás Del Castillo – Guitar




1. Antena

2. Sputnik

3. Donde Veas Más Lejos

4. Endless Summer

5. Atrapado Entre la Gente

6. Eterno

7. Desaparecer

8. Radio Fantasma 


At 9:00 pm, Mike Kerr appeared on the left side of the stage with his Fender bass while Ben Thatcher quickly settled into his drum kit to begin the concert with “Boilermaker” from their album Typhoons quickly followed by “Out Of The Black” from his debut album. For this photographer, it was surprising to see how only two musicians on stage could make such powerful rock. They followed with “Mountains at Midnight” from their second album Back to The Water Below. After “Coming Over”, the first premiere of the night would arrive with the song “Lights Out” from their new album. The public looked enthusiastic and chanting the songs.


The dynamic between both musicians plus the support on the keyboards of Darren James is full of energy and interaction with the audience. There is a lot of chemistry between them. At one point Thatcher left his drums to give away his drumsticks and got off the stage to approach the audience, standing on the pit barrier. Later he would remain alone on stage and offer us a brief but energetic drum solo at the end of the song “Little Monster” then gave way to the other premiere of the night with the song  “How Did We Get So Dark?” which gives name to the band’s fourth and last album to date.


The end of the concert would come with “Limbo” and the song that made them famous “Figure It Out”, songs that left the audience with energy jumping and singing. The farewell came with Thatcher giving away more drumsticks and Kerr raising his guitar while smiling before an audience full of joy for the intense show they had just witnessed.



Mike Kerr – Vocals, Bass

Ben Thatcher – Drums

Darren James – Keyboards




1. Boilermaker

2. Out Of The Black

3. Mountains At Midnight

4. Come On Over

5. Lights Out

6. Shiner In The Dark

7. Supermodel Avalanches

8. Blood Hands

9. Trouble’s Coming

10. Typhoons

11. Pull Me Through

12. Little Monster

13. How Did We Get So Dark

14. Loose Change

15. Limbo

16. Figure It Out






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