Saturday Night Out With Judi Behave at The Drunken Parrot Saloon in St. Cloud, Florida 6-19-2021



When the house finally quieted down around 10:30pm on Saturday June 19, 2021, I grabbed the Nikon and headed out for some entertainment. The Drunken Parrot Saloon is just down the street and I was wanting to quickly check out a band, any band! Before heading out, I checked the “Live Local Music” list on All Music Magazine and I was delighted to see Judi Behave was performing from 9:00pm to 1:00am at The Drunken Parrot.

Judi Drabek is a well known vocalist in the Orlando music scene and has resurrected her band, Judi Behave over the past few months. For the past year, Judi had been a guest singer with a number of different bands. I got a chance to see her perform last fall in a duo performing at The Drunken Parrot Saloon on one of my late night impulse, impromptu photo shoots. At the time, I didn’t know who she was as I was actually covering her partner that night, guitarist Jack Wallace of Papa Wheelee. But, I did take notice.

My intrigue was in high gear as I wanted to see why this vocalist was in such high demand since the start of the year. The Drunken Parrot Saloon was about three quarters full when I arrived. The band was on stage in the middle of their second set. I sat for a moment to take in the atmosphere before pulling out my gear. The first thing out of my bag on every other night when I shoot is my ear plugs to protect my hearing while I photograph. I am usually right in front of the speakers on the sides of the stage so the ear protection is a must. This night however, I wanted an unrestricted assessment of the vocals, so the ear plugs were on hold as I took my seat in the audience. I was not in the least bit disappointed as I took in the tone, pitch, and range of Judi Drabek. She is one of the top female vocalists in the Central Florida music scene and her voice was like honey to my ears.

I proceeded to photograph the remained of the second set. At it’s conclusion I packed up my gear and headed to introduce myself to the band. I even agreed to take a quick group shot of the band outside the venue before I headed out to return home. This lineup is fairy new and I hope they remain together for a while as their performance was great entertainment.



Judi Drabek – Vocals

Reed Hayes – Drums

Chad Kulscar – Bass

Sean Ghannam – Guitar





2nd Setlist:

Barracuda   (Heart cover)

I want You To Want Me  (Cheap Trick cover)

Sweet Emotion  (Aerosmith cover)

Red Barchetta  (Rush cover)

Detroit Rock City (Kiss cover)

What You Need  (INXS cover)

American Girl (Tom Petty cover)

Brass in Pocket  (The Pretenders cover)

Anyway You Want It   (Journey cover)

Interstate Love Song  (Stone Temple Pilots cover)

Jane  (Jefferson Starship cover)




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