Scowl hits the Gilman in Berkeley, California on October 21, 2023



On Saturday October 21, 2023, the day started out great with wonderful weather for the day. However, the car had a different plan. The car insisted on a check engine light, and I had a concert to attend. The night planned was at The Alternative Music Foundation located at 924 Gilman Street or otherwise known as  Gilman, a place I haven’t been since 2020.  The lineup was Scowl, with Mitiarie Gun, Big Laugh and Star 99. This was an impressive event and an impressive night. 

Star 99 was up first, and they were intense. Star 99 played hard and fast throughout their set. They started with a hard, playing with the raw talent as they continued playing fast and intensely. They jammed through the eight-song set. They played rife with talent throughout the night. 



As hit the stage and jammed out their tunes. Subtly they kept the pace while they played “Shadow” of their latest album Consume Me. The pace was fast and speedy. The next song “Constantine” kept pace with the entire evening. As the pit was ramping up, so was the music. As the band and the moshers kept up the speed, the songs were soaring. Big Laugh blasted through their 10-song set with energy and incenses. With that their set was though and on to the next one.



The Militarie Gun came on stage on fire. The band’s skill was top notch. Starting with “Do It Faster”, they shred through their set. They played each song with a tireless straddle that only they possess. The set was strong and powerful. Throwing in (a shorted) “Seizer of Assets” and then a full “Disposable” and “Very High”, they played as if their hearts depended on it. And man, they did. They ended their set on “Big Dis”, leaving the crowd wanting more.



Set List
1). Do It Faster
2). Let Me Be Normal
3). Will Logic
4). Pressure Cooker
5). My Friends
6). Think Less
7). Don’t Pick Up The Phone
8). Disposable
9). Never Fucked Up Once (Dropped)
10). Seizer of Assets (Dropped)
11). Very High
12). Ain’t No Flowers
13). Big Dis


Scowl was finally up. They hit the stage like a band possessed and Scowl must be part animal. They blasted through the set while the moshers kept the pit going. Starting with “Bloodlust”, they build there set by encroaching on the early stuff. Their early stuff featuring, their 2019 ep called and the Reality After Reality, to the recently updated The Psychic Dance Routine. The band couldn’t be better. They performed “Shot Dead”, “Dead 2 Me” and “Psychic Dance RU” before dropping the speed in to “Wired”. From there, they played “Roots” and “Sold Out”. Overall. a great set.


Scowl members are:
Kat Moss – vocals
Malachi Greene – guitar
Cole Gilbert – drums
Bailey Lupo – bass



Set List
1). Bloodhound
2). Shot Down
3). Fuck Around
4). Dead 2 Me
5). Psychick Dance RU
6). Wired
7). Pretty
8). Trophy
9). Seeds
10). Retail Hell
11). Idles
12). Roots
13). 4 Walls
14). My Turn
15). Sold Out
16). Opening Night






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