Sebastian Bach Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Slave To The Grind At The Hard Rock Live In Orlando Florida, November 7, 2021


As cooler weather poured through Central Florida, I readied myself for my first show at the Hard Rock Live in more than a year and a half. The last few shows that I’ve covered had temps in the 90s, so this was a welcomed reprieve. Tonight Sebastian Bach was storming through town at the half-way point of his 30th Anniversary Slave To The Grind Tour. I can remember wearing out my turntable when this album hit stores back in 1991 and to be able to cover this show for All Music Magazine was an honor. As I began the long arduous walk from the garage to the venue, I couldn’t help but think I was going to be late. Thankfully this was just a misconception perpetuated by the always mischievous daylight savings time.



I had received advanced notice from someone “in the know” that I really needed to be early in order to check out Kaleido, a female-fronted, hard-rocking band straight out of Detroit. This advanced notice also afforded me the opportunity to binge on their Spotify and Youtube channels prior to the show. Let’s just say that the bar had been set and I was more than ready to see Kaleido deliver with a live performance. The band hit the stage right at 7:45 ready to rock and exploding into “Die Tryin‘” from their 2017 album Experience.

Lead vocalist Christina Chriss’ appearance immediately reminded me of a young Gwen Stefani as she appeared wearing a white half shirt, white joggers and a black and red feathered jacket. The jacket didn’t last long and within minutes Chriss’ blonde locks flew about wildly as her passion and enthusiasm were on full display. Guitarist Drew Johnston delivered a blistering performance and Cody Morales was clearly enjoying himself as he pounded the bass. Chriss got the crowd chanting ” play a solo for me Joey Fava” and being the obliging drummer that he is, Fava made good on their request. Kaleido made the most of their 45-minute set and included their recent releases “Dead To Me” and “Panic In A Pandemic.” Sebastian Bach hand-picked Kaleido for this tour after seeing them on Youtube and after seeing their set I can see why. Be sure to catch them live and give a click on their social media links at the bottom.




Christina Chriss: Lead Vocals

Drew Johnston: Lead Guitar

Cody Morales: Bass

Joey Fava: Drums




1.) Die Tryin’

2.) Give Me Back My Rock And Roll

3.) Pretending

4.) My Fire

5.) Dead To Me

6.) Eating Me Alive

7.) My Enemy

8.) Blood!

9.) Panic In A Pandemic


9:00pm brought Sebastian Bach charging out and what better song to kick things off with than “Slave To The Grind?” The crowd was really amped, and the chairs provided now became unnecessary obstacles. Sebastian made it clear that not only would they be playing the Slave To The Grind album in its entirety, but there would be plenty of other hits as well. He also gave a shoutout to his late father, David Bierk, who painted the album cover for Slave To The Grind. The band treated fans to several songs from their self-titled debut album including “Big Guns” and “Sweet Little Sister.”

Sebastian was full of gusto as he frequently whipped his mic around over his head not unlike a rodeo cowboy. He also took time to reflect on his last appearance in Orlando back in 2019. His wife and kids were being evacuated from their California home as wildfires drew near. Sebastian thanked the Orlando fans for getting him through that difficult time. Prior to performing the mega-hit “18 And Life” Sebastian pointed out a fan he knew in the crowd that had served 27 years in prison for marijuana related charges. As Sebastian yelled “fuck that shit” and threw up his middle finger the crowd responded in agreeance. The band did slow things down with renditions of 2 of my favorites “Wasted Time” and “I Remember You.” Sebastian assembled a band that really compliments his style. Guitarist Brent Woods opted for the shirtless look while throwing his Gibson into overdrive. Bassist Rob De Luca was on point and provided backing vocals. Jeremy Colson was nothing short of monstrous on drums and his flying mohawk could be seen throughout the venue.

Monkey Business” and “Youth Gone Wild” brought things to a fevered pitch and then as quickly as it started it was time to bring things to a close. For the final song, Sebastian chose “Get The Fuck Out” which seemed appropriate considering its position in the setlist. The night was a success and provided music from an awesome band that I might not have otherwise discovered and a nostalgic trip down memory lane to a time when rock n’ roll was king. There are still many dates left on this tour so be sure to catch them if you can.


Sebastian Bach:

Sebastian Bach: Lead Vocals

Brent Woods: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Rob De Luca: Bass, Backing Vocals

Jeremy Colson: Drums





1.) Slave To The Grind

2.) The Threat

3.) Big Guns

4.) Sweet Little Sister

5.) Quicksand Jesus

6.) Pryscho Love

7.) Beggar’s Day

8.) 18 And Life

9.) Livin’ On A Chain Gang

10.) Riot Act

11.) In A Darkened Room

12.) Creepshow

13.) Mudkicker

14.) Wasted Time

15.) Monkey Business

16.) I Remember You

17.) Youth Gone Wild

18.) Get The Fuck Out





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