SEPULTURA released their acclaimed album “Quadra” in February 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, the European tour was postponed twice. Finally, after more than two years, the Brazilians are honoring the European summer festivals and playing some small headlining shows in between. My first concert of the tour I planned, was to take place in Hanover on 20.06.2022. Before I arrived 700km away from home, I found out that SEPULTURA had to cancel the show. Guitarist Andreas Kisser left the tour to spend the last few days with his wife Patricia, who died on July 3rd, 2022 at the age of only 52. Fuck cancer. 

Despite the sad news, SEPULTURA continued the tour and flew in an new guitar player. Project46’s Jean Patton, threw in the entire set in less than two days and stepped in for Andreas Kisser. What an achievement of the 32 year old Brazilian guitar player. On July 8th, 2022 I finally attended my first show at the sold-out Salzburg Rockhouse and was happy to be able to experience SEPULTURA live again after almost three years. A week later on July 15, 2022, SEPULTURA played a small concert called “Sommer am Kiez”. In the middle of the city of Augsburg, the Helmut-Haller-square was converted into an open-air area. A concert experience of a different kind between rows of houses, tram lines and traffic lights. A colorful mixed audience of all ages, from youngsters to old-school metallers with thinning hair, found their way into the city to make Augsburg tremble together. 

As in Salzburg a week before, DUST BOLT opened the show. The thrash metal group, founded in 2006 as a school band, didn’t hesitate and spat straight out of every tube. Anyone who thinks great old school Thrash Metal only comes from the Bay Area should give DUST BOLT a listen. Crunchy riffs and solos, great songs, some of them are written by the boys at the age of 13, paired with irrepressible energy and joy of playing, DUST BOLT are in no way inferior to the big thrash bands of the genre.  Many tours with bands like Heathen, Sixt Feet Under, 2015 already with Sepultura or Obituary have also left their mark and DUST BOLT delivered perfectly and professionally to the point. 
The quartet convinced from the first minute and it was wildly packed on and in front of the stage. Singer Lenny not only raged across the stage, but jumped among the fans, continued to gamble on his guitar while a wild circle pit raged around him. 

DUST BOLT put on a flawless performance and paved the way for SEPULTURA.


Lenny Breuss – vocals / guitar
Nico Remann – drums
Bene Münzel – bass
Flo Dehn – guitar




1.) The Fourth Strike
2.) Dead Inside
3.) Awake the riot
4.) Killing time
5.) Burning pieces
6.) I am the one
7.) Bloody Rain
8.) Children of Violence
9.) SickxBrain
10.) Rhythm to my madness
11.) Sound & Fury



The first notes of “Policia”, which was recorded as an intro, sounded and the anticipation was almost tangible. And then, finally, SEPULTURA entered the stage, to huge cheers from the fans, and went straight to the full with “Arise” and “Territory”. F**k yeah, what a start. 

Singer Derrick Green greeted the fans with a few German phrases, introduced Jean Patton as the guitarist and dedicated the set to Andreas Kisser and his deceased wife Patricia. I had a huge lump in my throat and even the band and close friends struggled for a brief moment before continuing with the songs “Means To An End” and “Capital Enslavement”, from the last album Quadra.  
Substitute guitarist Jean has meanwhile fitted in really well with the band. Jean is an outstanding guitarist, but has a completely different way of playing than Andreas Kisser and yet this fits like the proverbial fist on the eye. Jean is a worthy replacement for Kisser, even though I really missed Andreas’ stage presence. 

Full in the face it went on with “Kairos”, which was loudly roared by the fans. “Propaganda” fit perfectly into today’s world and heated up the fans and with “Sepulnation”, “Cut-Throat” and “Convicted in Life” SEPULTURA got the crowd in front of the stage boiling and there was banging and moshing as if there were no tomorrow. Again and again “Sepultura-Sepultura” was shouted and the band thanked the fans profusely for this encouragement. Before the third and last song from “Quadra” “Agony Of Defeat” was played, SEPULTURA reached deep into the hit box and beat the classic “Troops of Doom” into the wild pack. “Slave New World” and “Refuse/Resist” made the skull swingers steep before SEPULTURA said goodbye to their fans. 
But SEPULTURA didn’t get away that quickly, because the audience still hadn’t had enough and shouted loudly for an encore. When the Brazilians took the stage again, the mob seemed to explode. Derrick asked, “Do you want to dance”? Of course – and with “Ratamahata” there was clenching and wild jumping, before “Roots Bloody Roots” from hundreds of throats, together with the band roared around the weather, and Augsburg was laid to ashes. 

What a wreck it was. SEPULTURA were full of joy and delivered, despite the absence of mastermind Andreas Kisser, a more than perfect show. Jean Patton is a worthy replacement for Andreas and plays the shows of his life. Respect that SEPULTURA, despite this difficult exceptional situation, continue the tour. From the bottom of my heart, I wish Andreas Kisser and his family a lot of strength and I hope that the memories of the time together and his love for Sepultura and music will provide comfort in his journey through this loss. 
The Song is ended, but the melody lingers on….  – Irving Berlin –  



Derrick Green – vocals
Eloy Casgrande – drums
Paulo Xisto Jr. – bass
Andreas Kisser  – guitar / replaced by Jean Patton for European summer tour



1.) Policia – Intro
2.) Arise
3.) Territory
4.) Means To An End
5.) Capital Enslavement
6.) Kairos
7.) Propaganda
8.) Sepulnation
9.) Cut-Throat
10.) Choke
11.) Convicted In Life
12.) Troops Of Doom
13.) Agony Of Defeat
14.) Slave New World
15.) Refuse/Resist
16.) Ratamahata
17.) Roots