Seraina Telli Discusses New Solo Album, Exploring Different Styles, Drawing, And Spiders 9/29/2022



Seraina Telli was the original vocalist of Burning Witches, and she is the current vocalist for Dead Venus, as well as a solo artist. The Swiss singer shocked the metal world when she exited Burning Witches in 2019 to pursue some personal goals. She talks a bit about leaving and the resulting solo music that has come to fruition.

This interview was conducted just before the release of a new single called “I’m Not Sorry”, and Seraina tells us about a few of the songs on the new solo record, Simple Talk. She also talks about her love of the Marvel universe, her artwork, and how she’s overcoming her fear of spiders!

Simple Talk comes out on October 21st on Metalville Records.




“Modern Warrior” video:






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