Set It Off Brings “The Deathless Tour” to Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee on April 29th, 2024



On April 29th, alternative rock band Set it Off brought “The Deathless Tour” to Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville,  Tennessee, with support from DeathbyRomy, Caskets, and Crown the Empire, for a night of wild energy. Even before the show had started, it was obvious the crowd would be a good one. Together, they all sang along to the pre-show set list, which contained hit songs from various genres over the past decade. By the time the lights dimmed for the first artist, a palpable buzz could be felt in the room. 

Opening the show was DeathByRomy, a dark pop band from Los Angeles, California. Led by Romy herself on vocals with Jayden Hammer on guitar, Cheska Zaide on the bass, and Badtz rounding off the group on the drums, the band put on a compelling show that took me by surprise. Their genre of music isn’t one I would normally listen to or even usually like, but something about their set drew me in. They had a clear aesthetic that only added to their performance. Dressed in grungy black leotards, fishnet tights, and black boots, their style perfectly matched the harder edge of the pop music.  

Romy, Jayden, and Cheska were constantly rotating around the stage, and when they weren’t jumping about, they were having a blast interacting with the crowd, who was loving every moment. Both Cheska and Jayden were incredibly expressive toward the audience, and likewise, Romy consistently made sure to keep the crowd participating in the set. During her songs 2,4,6,8, she had the crowd chanting the chorus back to her, even those who had never heard the song before. 

I wasn’t familiar with DeathByRomy, but they certainly made a great first impression on me. 



Romy Flores – Vocals

Jayden Hammer – Guitar

Badtz – Drums

Cheska Zaide – Bass, Vocals



Set List:

1). Vicious Bliss

2). City Of Angels

3). I Feel Like a God

4). I Kill Everything

5). Hellhound

6). Crash

7). Saint

8). 2, 4, 6, 8

9). No Mercy

10). Day I Die


Next up was Caskets, a metalcore band from Leeds, UK. The moment the band came on stage, they were dynamic and explosive. The chemistry between each of the band members was evident as they fed off each other’s energy, spinning, kicking, and jumping. Despite being at the back of the stage, drummer James Lazenby was not to be left out as his animated playing matched the rest of the band’s vigor. While the crowd seemed less familiar with Caskets than they had been with DeathByRomy, that didn’t stop them from headbanging along. 

Caskets played a set of seven songs, each one showing off their range as a band. While all of the songs were entertaining, my favorite two were “Guiding Light” and “Drowned in Emotion.” Aptly, vocalist Matt Flood gave every song his all, intensifying them with such passion in his voice. Backed by James Lazenby’s drumming and powerful guitar work from Benji Wilson and Craig Robinson, it made for one powerful performance. 

By the time they made it to their final song, Matt Flood had the entire room clapping and jumping along to the music. 



Matt Flood – Vocals

James Lazenby – Drums

Benji Wilson – Guitar 

Craig Robinson – Guitar 


Set List:

1). Drowned in Emotion

2). Believe

3). Hold Me Now

4). In the Silence

5). Guiding Light

6). Lost in Echoes

7). Glass Heart


The next band to perform was Crown the Empire, a metalcore group from Dallas, Texas. Just like Caskets, the band members took the stage in a storm of energy, which never waned through the entirety of the set. Bassist Hayden Tree was especially fun to watch as he whirled around or jumped side to side. Likewise, vocalist Andy Leo never stood still, making his enthusiasm infectious as the crowd followed his lead, waving their hands and jumping about.

The first mosh pit of the night was created at the request of Andy Leo, but it didn’t fully form until he heckled the crowd a bit, telling them they could do better and that their first attempt was “weak.” As if spurred to action by his words, the pit grew and grew until nearly the entire room participated. 

The lighting of Crown the Empire’s set was more dramatic compared to the other two artists, but it fit their harder sound well. The dark shadows in the background with the bright strobing spotlights on the members made for a bold effect that enhanced their set. When combining these excellent effects with the band members’ non-stop energy, it made for a dynamic performance that was hard to look away from. 


Crown the Empire:

Andy Leo – Vocals

Hayden Tree – Bass, Vocals, Guitar

Brandon Hoover – Guitar, Vocals

Jeeves Avalos – Drums


Set List:


2). Black Sheep

3). Zero

4). What I Am

5). In Another Life

6). Superstar

7). The Fallout

8). BLURRY (Out of Place)

9). Makeshift Chemistry


With how responsive the crowd had been to all of the opening bands, I worried their energy would decrease a bit, but that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. When a voice-over told the audience that there were only thirty seconds until Set It Off would take the stage, the crowd went wild. During the final ten seconds, every person in the room counted down at the top of their lungs.

Just like all of the other bands, Set it Off did not disappoint with their energy. As soon as they came on stage, they were already interacting with their fans and utilizing the entirety of the stage as they moved. Vocalist Cody Carson would lean over the stage to grasp hands with audience members, while drummer Maxx Danziger stuck his tongue out and smiled at everyone. The atmosphere felt very welcoming and exciting, which is partly thanks to the band’s commendable stage presence. They kept the audience engaged the whole show, all the while expertly performing their songs, and they looked like they were having a great time while doing it. 

In addition to the band’s stage presence, the stage set-up itself was also incredibly impressive. The stage was decorated with large prop flames on either side of Maxx Danziger’s drum kit which was suspended in the air, and the stand it was set up on had a banner with the words “The Deathless Tour” hung from it. Above the drum kit was a large figurine from the tour poster, and behind the drums was a backdrop with the band’s name displayed in bold letters. Rounding all of this out was the intricate and colorful light show that was curated to fit each song effectively. 

A fun surprise came during the song “Partners in Crime” when Cody Carson was joined on vocals by Kalie Wolfe, vocalist of the pop-punk band, Rivals. Her voice mixed well with Cody’s, and she brought just as much energy to the stage as everyone else. The crowd couldn’t contain their excitement as they screamed and sang along. 

There were many other entertaining moments throughout the show, such as when Cody Carson crowdsurfed on an air mattress and was joined by a fan who got to sing with him for a moment. Every part of the show was just so much fun, and the crowd had a great time. Their enthusiasm never diminished, and they were cheering and shouting for more even when Set it Off had finished their set. 

I was already excited to see this tour, but my expectations were still completely blown away by each band’s performance. It was an amazing night, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend.


Set it Off:

Cody Carson – Vocals

Maxx Danziger – Drums, Vocals

Zachary DeWall – Guitar & Bass 


Set List:

1). Parasite

2). Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

3). Fake Ass Friends

4). Lonely Dance

5). Partners in Crime
(with Kalie Wolfe)

6). The Haunting

7). Evil People

8). Kill the Lights

9). Forever Stuck in Our Youth

10). Ancient History

11). Hypnotized

12). I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
(With Maxx Danziger singing)

13). Win Win

14). Bad Guy / Projector / Dancing With the Devil / Different Songs / The Magic 8 / Duality / Skeleton / Horrible Kids / N.M.E. / Bleak December

15). Swan Song
(Acoustic Intro)

16). Killer in the Mirror

17). Why Worry

18). Punching Bag

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