Silvertwin Album Launch

Silvertwin Debut Album Launch, “Silvertwin” at The Sebright Arms In North London August 5, 2021


On a dreary August night, not long after Covid lockdown ended, it was a pleasure to attend the Silvertwin debut album launch at The Sebright Arms in North London on 5th August 2021. It is always a privilege to catch a band at that point in their evolution where The Buzz about them starts; when they are still playing in dark, sweaty urban cellars underneath a pub, the point at which they catch fire.

Silvertwin is a young five-piece band from London led by songwriter/vocalist/bassist Isaac Shalam. Although Isaac is the front and centre of Silvertwin, he is more than ably supported by his band comprising of Alicia Barisani, rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Dan Edery, lead guitar and backing vocals, Lauric MacKintosh, drums and Antonio Naccache, keyboards. The band is visually coherent and energetic, and the sound they create is assured and tight for such a young band. The overall sound is beautifully augmented by the layered vocal harmonies created by Shalam, Barisani and Edery.

Silvertwin wear their musical roots and influences on their sleeves. Here there are echoes of The Monkees and The Beachboys, of Billy Joel and The Beatles. Echoes of childhood radio and first love. Live there is even a faint echo of a disco sound that makes you smile! Tonight Silvertwin debuted their eponymous first album, which was released on the 16th July 2021 and was mostly recorded in Los Angeles.

They open their album launch set with ‘Lost’,  which is not actually on the album, but gets the sold-out crowd ready for a very hot and joyous twelve-track set which doesn’t follow the albums ten-song track listing; instead mixing it up with one brand new song and others not on the album. The two singles from the album, ‘Ploy’ and ‘Only You’ are standout crowd pleasers which have also garnered interest from BBC Radio 6 Music. But the track of the night for me was ‘The Night Is Ours’. This was all at once, dreamy and frenetic; dreamy vocals from Shalam and a massive dose of energy and charisma from Edery. The energy levels maintained by Edery during the entire set were admirable and were reflected back by the appreciative audience, who stayed with the band from start to finish. Audience appreciation and participation are the litmus test of how well a band are performing and this audience proved that The Buzz about Silvertwin is real and very well deserved.

The lush 60s and 70s influence heard so clearly in Shalam’s songs, and executed so vividly by the band, sets them apart from the musical masses. If they can keep up the pace and hone their craft both in the studio and live, that Buzz that they are causing now will become a full blast electrical storm.

The album Silvertwin is available digitally right now. Contact for information or go to the Silvertwin facebook page for ordering details.

Review by Samantha Mills






Isaac Shalam – Vocals, Bass

Alicia Barisani – Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals

Dan Edery – Lead guitar, Backing vocals

Lauric MacKintosh – Drums

Antonio Naccache – Keyboards






Only You


Everybody’s on to Something



Love Me Hate Me


Night is Ours

Meek and Moody

Take Me On

Times of our Lives