Skid Row and Buckcherry blow the roof of The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey September 8, 2023



Skid Row brought their “Gang’s All Here Tour” to the beautiful Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey, on a hot September evening. The theater is nestled in the center of a beautiful upscale town. It seems that most shows that I attend lately, you have to watch your back when you are leaving. They brought along entrepreneur, actor, and musician, Kurt Deimer and his band, along with the bad ass boys of Buckcherry

Kurt Deimer recently finished producing Hellbilly Hollow, a horror film, starred in it, and also recorded more than 24 songs with producer Chris Lord-Alge and has Tesla‘s Brian Wheat on his management team. As an intro to Kurt Deimer’s show, he had clips from the movie playing on the screen behind the stage. It appeared there were new members other than the drummer since the last time I had seen them. This time Deimer didn’t have his signature top hat and jacket but looked a little more like of Danny Koker with a beanie cap, sleeveless shirt, and tattoos galore. Kurt’s deep monotone voice gives the band a very unique sound. I would put them into the category of rock and roll, however they may cross the genre lines a bit at times into heavy metal or other categories. Kurt likes to use his music to promote positivity and good vibes.

They started the set with their song “Dance” and then rolled right into a cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Have a Cigar”. Brandon Paul and Sammy Boller killed it on guitar while having some big shoes to fill as Phil X (Aldo Nova, Triumph, Bon Jovi) is not with the band anymore. Kurt dedicated his third song of the night, “Hero”, to all first responders. He let us know that he is working on a double album expected to be released next year. I remember the drummer, Dango Empire, from the last time I saw them play. He and bassist, Brenden Hengle held down the rhythm section while keeping the crowd entertained. They ended the night with their new single entitled “Doom” which was released August 7. The song has a catchy melody and a chorus that begs to be sung along to. I can see this song taking traction and getting airplay. If you haven’t had an opportunity to see these guys yet, you are missing out on an awesome newer rock band. 



Kurt Deimer is:

Kurt Deimer – Lead vocals

Brandon Paul – Guitar, backing vocals

Brenden Hengle – Bass

Dango Empire – Drums

Sammy Boller – Guitar





2.Have a Cigar (Pink Floyd cover)


4.Whatchya Sayin’

5.Live or Die



Buckcherry has had a lot of lineup changes over the years, but I didn’t have the opportunity to see them until 2021, so I am only familiar with the current members. Comprised of Josh Todd on vocals, Stevie Dacanay “Stevie D” and Billy Rowe on guitar, Kelly LiMieux on bass, and Francis Ruiz on drums. Josh is a quintessential 90’s rock frontman, thin and covered in tattoos. On stage, he has the attitude it takes to command the fans attention. He owns the lyrics and belts out the vocals. 

They came out swinging, starting the set with “Lit Up”, “So Hott”, and “Somebody F’d with Me”. There were lots of middle fingers flying around to show this songs resistance towards just about everything in life. Josh came out wearing a military jacket, but by the third song was shirtless except for his tattoo covered body. Stevie D has tons of energy on stage, jumping and running about. Kelly got in a few good high kicks while holding down the bass lines. They played a 13-song set and even included a cover of Bryan Adams “Summer of ’69”, which the crowd sang along to. And what a way to end the set, “Crazy Bitch” into a medley of songs ending with a clip from Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary”. The crowd was exhausted, but yet so ready for some Skid Row. 


Buckcherry is:

Josh Todd – Lead vocals

Stevie Dacanay – Lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Kelly LeMieux – Bass

Francis Ruiz – Drums

Billy Rowe – Rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals




1.Lit Up

2.So Hott

3.Somebody Fucked with Me

4.Out of Line


6.Porno Star

7.Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams cover)

8.Let’s Get Wild



11.Crazy Bitch/Sex Machine/Bad Girls/Irresistible Bitch/Proud Mary


Skid Row stole the night with a non-stop, high energy set of hit songs along with a few newer favorites for a close to hometown crowd. Originally from New Jersey, they brought out a crow of rabid fans. Unlike some bands which slow things down between songs, Skid Row kept the night moving with a sweat filled performance and minimal talk. Just straight forward killer songs, rock-star poses, and dirty rock and roll. Erik Gronwall slays the lead vocals on the hits of the old as well as the newer songs like “Time Bomb”, “The Threat”, and “The Gang’s All Here”. Scotti Hill and New Jersey Native, Rachel Bolan fed off each other’s energy throughout the night entertaining the fans. Rachel even posed and threw the horns which made for a great capture. 

The fans were singing every last word of the songs with the possible exception of a moment to catch their breath and have a beverage to cool down. Skid Row played 13 songs and evem that didn’t slow down Erik’s running back and forth the stage one bit. He even hopped on the speakers on each side of the stage to get a closer view of the crowd and serenade the fans. Throughout the night Scotti Hill took a wide stance, leaned back and held his guitar up high to pose for the fans. You can see this in the photo gallery below. Rob Hammersmith, who has been with the band for thirteen years didn’t miss a beat. They ended the night with “Youth Gone Wild” and if you didn’t leave the show with your hair blown back and face melted, you must have been hiding outside or in the bathroom. 

You can catch Skid Row and Buckcherry on tour throughout the US and Canada through December 16. Buckcherry also heads to the United Kingdom in January. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your face melted off”


Skid Row is:

Dave “The Snake” Sabo – Guitar, backing vocals

Rachel Bolan – Bass, backing vocals

Scotti Hill – Guitar, backing vocals

Rob Hammersmith – Drums, backing vocals

Erik Gronwall – Lead Vocals




1.Slave to the Grind

2.The Threat

3.Big Guns

4.18 and Life

5.Piece of Me

6.Livin’ on a Chain Gang

7.Quicksand Jesus

8.Makin’ a Mess

9.Time Bomb

10.I Remember You

11.Monkey Business

12.The Gang’s All Here

13.Youth Gone Wild







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