Slaughter Rocks The Ranch in Ft. Meyers, Florida 7-24-2021



Mark Slaughter and the band brought the Slaughter Tour to the gulf coast city of Ft. Meyers, Florida on July 24, 2021. The weather cleared up just before showtime as the fans traveled to The Ranch, an 1,800 capacity concert hall and saloon.  The venue is know for its’ country music acts but not on this evening.  Mature Musical Pictures, The Oddeven, Riley’s L.A. Guns, and Slaughter brought it high energy rock and roll. The Ranch may never be the same.

Mature Musical Pictures took the stage at around 7:25 pm but due to the late start had their set cut a little short ending at 8:00 pm. MMP is fronted by Bryan August who shares the vocals with the lovely Kahra. They performed in support of their latest release “Below The Line” which is available on all music formats. The band can be described as alternative metal, but that really just scratches the surface as their sound is a bit more complex than that. It sounds almost like theatrical rock without the theatrics if that makes any sense? They were entertaining, and the band has a strong local following.




Bryant August – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Kahra – Featured Guest Vocals

Lorenzo DelVecchio – Lead Guitar

Tom Munley – Bass

Michael Brown – Drums




1.)  Something Overhead

2.)  Drones

3.)  Never Alone

4.)  The Con

5.)  Faded

6.)  My Own Life

7.)  Counterfeits of Control


The Oddeven was next on the bill starting at just after 8:00 pm. They describe themselves as “riff-oriented hard rock, with infectious vocals and harmony.” The band’s debut album, “Space Juice,” arrived just a little over a year ago and contained two “Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 30” and “Foundations Top 15 hits; “Again” and “Bleed for Something”. Currently the band is working on a new record, “Dance of the Dead”, with a release date of September 24, 2021. Oddeven showed some chops on stage, but a longer set was really needed to get the full story. They are getting ready for a 30 date tour starting in September with bands Adema and Flaw.




Jon Weed – Bass

Todd Stevens – Bass

Robb Wise – Vocals

Kyle Powell – Drums




1.)  Suffer

2.)  Kerosene

3.)  Fire in the Sky

4.)  Dance Of Dead

5.)  Bleed For Something

6.)  Vagrant

7.)  Whiskey

8.)  Again


The night really started to heat up as the crowd had grown in size just time for Riley’s LA Guns at around 9:00 pm. There was standing room only in front of the stage as the population of the venue inched closer to get a better look. Whatever the courts decide in the copyright infringement case brought by Tracii Gun, this band kicks ass. That was my impression and the general consensus of those in attendance. Sure Tracci wasn’t there, but Scott Griffin played his heart out just the same. Riley is the longest standing member of the band, and he kept the brand alive and well after the comings and goings of musicians leaving for other projects. I really enjoyed the set, and I would see them again if the opportunity arises. In the mean time, check out their new album, “Renegades.”




Scott Griffin – Guitar

Kurt Frohlich – Vocals/Guitar

Steve Riley – Drums

Kelly Nichols – Bass



Promptly at 10:00 pm, Slaughter hit the stage and the packed house was rocking. This was the band that the ladies were dressed to see, and they were out in droves.  I was taken back in time twenty-five years. The crowd was older, but these folks are experienced rock and rollers and the party was under way. Original members, Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum, founded the band in 1988 when the band they were in, “Vinnie Vincent Invasion”, disbanded. Slaughter exploded with their debut album,  “Stick It To Ya”, charting 3 singles on the Billboard top 100. The album reached double platinum status in the United States. Current lead guitarist Jeff Blando, formally of Saigon Kick, joined the band in 1988 replacing original guitarist Tim Kelly who was involved in a fatal car accident. Drummer Will Hunt of Evanescence is starting out the tour before leaving in November to join Evanescence  on their upcoming tour.

This lineup smokes on all cylinders throughout the show as the momentum gains into their hit single “Up All Night” with full audience participation in the chorus. The show’s finale is the Who’s cover, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.  By this time, it was being shouted word for word by the entire crowd. But all great things eventually end. I walked away with the memories of a super tight band. From Slaughter’s timeless vocals to Strum’s prowless and not leaving any part of the stage untouched, to Will Hunt just killing it on the drums, and Blando’s blistering licks on the guitar, this performance will stay with me for sometime, or until I have the opportunity to cover this band again.




Mark Slaughter – Vocals/Guitar

Jeff Blando – Guitar/Vocals

Dana Strum – Bass

Will Hunt – Drums






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