Smashing Pumpkins Rock The Sold Out Crowd with Janes Addiction and Poppy at The Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida 10-7-2022



Two time Grammy winner Smashing Pumpkins entertained a sold out Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida on October 7, 2022. Fans were delighted to be warmed up for the ‘Spirits On Fire Tour’ with the opening bands of Jane’s Addiction and YouTube sensation Poppy.

Poppy took the stage at 6:49pm dressed in black pants with ruffles, black top cut above the brassier line, black half cut bra, and in pigtail braids, darling attire for this new upcoming star. The show started with “Concrete” a pop song, then got a bit heavier with the song “Lessen the Damage” with full-fledged screams and the band totally rocking out. Her set was only seven songs. At times my eyes didn’t match up with what I was hearing. This show will undoubtedly get bigger and bigger moving forward.



Poppy – Vocals

Ted Gowan – Guitar

Matt McJunkins – Bass

Ralph Alexander – Drums


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1.) Concrete

2.) Lessen the Damage

3.) Breeders


5.) Her

6.) FYB

7.) I Disagree


Jane’s Addiction minus Dave Navarro, who stayed off the tour while recuperating from Covid, took the stage at 7:38pm and opened with “Up the Beach” off their 1988 album Nothing’s Shocking. The ten-song set was complete with Burlesque dancers on a platform above drummer Stephan Perkins and a gymnast who performed on overhead bars during the song “Three Days”. With all of this going on, it still didn’t take the attention off Perry Farrell as he demanded the spotlight with a mesmerizing performance that few front men can carry. Farrell started the show dressed as a cowboy in all black, but soon removed the hat and his jacket as the set heated up. He didn’t even skip a beat when removing the jacket his hand got stuck in the sleeve, so he swung the jacket above his head until his hand was freed, and it all looked like a part of the show. He could have left out the rant about the government fucking things up as the night was about music.

As I was looking forward to the guitar master of Dave Navarro, I wasn’t disappointed in the show that Jane’s Addiction delivered. I am still not sure why the burlesque dancers and the gymnast were necessary at a metal show? I saw Ricky Martin use them and it worked, but he wasn’t minus one of the world’s top ten metal guitarists.


Jane’s Addiction:

Perry Farrell – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Programming/Keyboards/Piano 

Eric Avery – Bass/Acoustic Guitar 

Dave Navarro – Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards/Piano 

Stephen Perkins – Drums/Percussion/Steel Pan 

Touring members

Troy Van Leeuwen – Guitar (Filling in for Dave Navarro)





1.) Up the Beach

2.) Whores

3.) 1%

4.) Ain’t No Right

5.) Three Days

6.) Jane Says

7.) Been Caught Stealing

8.) Mountain Song

9.) Ted, Just Admit It…

10.) Stop!


Smashing Pumpkins took the stage at 9:08pm and started the show with “Empires” of their upcoming 33-song, three-part rock opera album Atum due for release in April 2023. The crowd really got into the next two songs “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” and “Today” that were released over two decades ago. After taking a cheap shot at Tom Brady and his recently announced divorce, Billy Corgan shared with the crowd the one thing that he enjoys hearing from the crowd, “Shut Up and Sing.” He then went into an acoustic version of “Tonight Tonight” with guitarist James Iha.

The middle of the show included past hits “Cherub Rock”, “Zero”, and “1979” which got the complete arena on their feet dancing in the isles. The show ended with three of the final four songs from the new album Atum. Smashing Pumpkins has been around the past 32 years except for a five-year breakup from 2000 to 2005. The show and music were great and I would cover them in the future but not from the front of the house.


Smashing Pumpkins:

Billy Corgan – Lead Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards/Bass

James Iha – Guitars/Bass/Vocals

Jimmy Chamberlin – Drums

Jeff Schroeder – Guitars, Keyboards

Touring members

Jack Bates – Bass

Katie Cole – Keyboards/Guitars/Backing Vocals





1.) Empires

2.) Bullet With Butterfly Wings

3.) Today

4.) We Only Come Out at Night

5.) Cyr

6.) Once in a Lifetime (Talking Headscover)

7.) Solara (with Jimmy drum solo)

8.) Eye

9.) Ava Adore

10.) Tonight, Tonight (Dedicated to Tom Brady)

11.) Stand Inside Your Love

12.) I of the Mourning

13.) Cherub Rock

14.) Zero

15.) 1979

16.) Beguiled

17.) Silverfuck

18.) Neophyte

19.) Disarm    (Dedicated to fans of the Smashing Pumpkins in South Florida and William Corgan Sr.)

20.) Harmageddon





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