Soft Lad Promotions Presents Standin' Man with Special Guest Good for Gordon at the Salty Dog, Northwich, UK Tuesday, 26th January 2022





Part of Independent Venues Week

It’s a good one tonight: a little gem of a venue, one huge force of a headline, with more than worthy support. The quirky but welcoming Salty Dog pub in Northwich, Cheshire, is one of my favourite local venues – welcoming, quirky and characterful and ideal for that great intimate gig experience. I’m looking forward to tonight’s set, I last saw Standin’ Man at the debut gig just before Christmas. I’m really keen to see more. I was impressed!  Standin’ Man, the solo project of former Sly Digs front man, Dean Fairhurst, are some calibre to be playing such an up close, local pub gig.

It’s a great line up, as can be expected from Soft Lad Promotions events.

First Support – Good for Gordon.

Ash – vocals/guitar Will – bass/backing vocals Ben – drums George – lead guitar

The band’s bio states: “heavy, gritty and unapologetic guitars with soft leading vocals.” I can indeed confirm this.

Opening tonight are Manchester based, 4 piece, indie, rock, punk, grunge band, Good for Gordon. Regulars on the music scene within the north west, with a high profile, they’ve played numerous venues including the 02 Academy, Manchester, supporting the Zangwills. I’ve seen these guys previously and they rock…big time! It’s full on, straight in. It’s fast, it’s hard and winging its way right to us.

Opening with ‘Chains’ it’s very well received. This band have a very cool, individual vibe going on. Grunge undertones, punk feeling, with indie rock, banging beats!  Very watchable, an abundance of energy thrown in from all 4 band members. The sound is hard hitting, edgy. We have screaming guitars, punchy beats.  Angst with real anger driving it. The lead vocals are with real attitude, but also with feeling. Very powerful, with a clarity, almost a sweetness and sensitivity. A great example is the cover of ‘Back to black’, the Amy Winehouse classic, and not an easy one to pull off…but they have, it’s been made their own, and Ash’s vocals lend themselves perfectly to this version. The set is adrenalin fuelled and has us glued. Between songs is banter and joviality, which goes down well. The interaction with the crowd is very genuine. One fast paced set, starting off with a punctuated bang, the momentum has kept on upping.  It’s full throttle now – lively, entertaining, everything thrown in and very tightly executed – thoroughly enjoyable.  The sounds grab our attention, really drawing us into this vibrant concoction of punk, grunge and rock, with just enough indie thrown in for good measure. Bloody brilliant!   Go see Good for Gordon!! Thanks guys.

Set List:

1/ Chains.   2/ The Chain.   3/ Sunflower World.   4/ Sound of TV.   5/ Black Rose.   6/ Joker.   7/ Back to Black (cover) 8/ Gordon.  My Medicine



Headliner – Standin’ Man

 Dean Fairhurst  – Vocals/guitar Joe Kavaney – Lead guitar/backing vocals Peter Fleming – Drums Paul Glover – Bass Daniel Black – Keys

And so on to our headline act tonight. This feels special, exclusive almost. Tonight’s is one of the first few live performances from Standin’ Man – I’ve no doubt the first few of many. I was utterly wowed the last time I saw these guys!  With all new, unreleased material these initial performances are a preview, a sneak peek at what’s to come! The last 2 years have seen Standin’ Man in the studio, hard at it, writing, creating and producing these masterpieces we’re about to hear. With no performances due to the pandemic, Dean (Fairhurst) told me previously how they just can’t wait to get performing again finally, and, trust me, Standin’ Man are made for live performing!

The first song of tonight’s set ‘Feelin’ in the dark’, has one epic intro – it’s spine tingling from the off!  Very, very atmospheric sounds building, multi layering, slowly and enchantingly, loud – it’s raw musical energy, but it’s fine tuned, polished. Shimmery, mesmeric, hypnotic, building and building, distortion, echo, wah wah….if we were seated, we’d be on the edge of those seats….then bang…it drops…and we are off!!  Psychedelic feels are massive, real 60s vibes, but above all rock’n’roll, as in that classic, genius feel rock’n’roll. It’s eclectic, but it’s new. We LOVE it. The dimensions really work well and the textured sound: building, then falling away with extended drum and guitar solos…this band is on fire!! Hairs stand up on the back of our necks. Each song is different, intriguing, original but within this theme or sound personal to Standin’ Man. These tunes will become anthems. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know them (yet), we’re hooked, end of!  Standin’ Man are bloody great live.



All band members are foot stomping, dancing, guitar swinging and genuinely giving their all. It’s infectious energy.  It’s a very laid back atmosphere and the tunes are of course banging. Transporting us back to that late 60s vibe of wild rock’n’roll, freedom, spirituality and psychedelia, retro, but current.  It’s a glimpse into the festivals of flower power from eras gone by, with a full on explosion of modern indie rock coming through. Another example of Standin’ Man ripping it up – top class performance. I honestly can’t express enough, how bloody good a band these guys are.  Brilliantly original songs, boundless energy, utterly spellbinding performance.

You wowed us again, Standin’ Man – up there at the top of my must see bands list!  Standin’ Man are going places, and fast…get to see them – soon!

Tonight’s amazing event was a part of Independent Venues Week, celebrating the spirit of independence and the culture of live music and venues. Independent Venue Week is the one week all the independently spirited venues come together with artists, taste makers, promoters and media to celebrate the art of live music and showcase new talent.

Set List:

1/ Feelin In The Dark.   2/ Colour Of Money.   3/ Be Your Own Messiah.   4/ Every Inch Of Light .  5/ All That I’ve Been Looking For.   6/ If You Don’t Know What To Do With Yourself.  7/  Your Pain.    8/ White Heat Happiness. 9/ Rum And Tonic.  10/ Going Nowhere In A Hurry.  11/ Changing Winds