Soul Asylum and Everclear, Take To The Stage at Manchester UK's O2 Ritz on 11th November 2022



An evening of grunge rock awaits Billy Seagrave as two of Americas 90’s bands throw back the shackles of time and revive the youth of the aging crowd in Manchester.

Two of the 90’s stalwart Alternative, rock and grunge popsters – mainly overlooked – rock and roll hipsters, Soul Asylum and Everclear, take to the stage at Manchester’s O2 Ritz. The venue was packed, by the amount of 90, s punk, grunge and rock T Shirts, plenty have ventured out for a night of American Grunge.

Everclear, took to the stage first, kicking off with, “So Much for the Afterglow”. According to singer Art Alexakis, it was the first time in at least ten years since their last UK tour. The period extended through the covid period. It was clear the band were up for it from the start, as were their fans. old favourites like “Heroin Girl”, and “Nervous and Weird”, have the crowd in fine voice. “Song From an American Movie”, and “Father of Mine”, kept the banter and the fans entertained. “Wonderful” was dedicated to Art’s daughter, asking the audience “who else has kids?” acknowledging their ageing fanbase, as well as the thirty years that have passed since his first foray as a musician. As we head towards the final couple of songs in the 50-minute set, the time on stage has literally flown by, finishing with, “Santa Monica”, and “Molly’s lips”. It was great to see the band receive a well-deserved appreciation for tonight’s set.



Art Alexakis – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Dave French – Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Freddy Herrera – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Brian Nolan – Drums




1/ So much for the Afterglow

2/ Heroin Girl

3/ Heartspark Dollarsign

4/ Father of Mine

5/ Nervous & Weird

6/ Sunflowers

7/ Wonderful

8/ Play Video

9/ Song From an American Movie, Pt. 1

10/ Strawberry

11/ Local God

12/ I Will Buy You a New Life

13/ AM Radio

14/ Santa Monica

15/ Molly’s Lips



Soul Asylum wasted no time getting on stage as soon as the stage was set. Casually strolling on stage and beginning with “Got It Pretty Good”, as all hell broke loose on stage, no signs of aging with these seasoned rockers, “Shut Down”, is pounded out to the crowd who had come to let the good times roll. “Black Gold”, is greeted like a long-lost son, the band are frantic, the music is electrifying, very little banter with the crowd, unless you count Pirners dad-jokes. “Can’t Even Tell”, makes way for the crowd to sing along to “Never Really Been”. As the unmistakeable strains of “Runaway Train”, emanates from the stage, once again the loyal fans are in full sing along mode, how the years are rolling back.

Closing out the set with “Veil Of Tears”, and finally “Just Like Anyone”, the band exit for a short but well-deserved break before finally returning for the obligatory encore that began with, “String Of Pearls”, and finally onto the rather underestimated “April Fools”. Tonight’s performance has been relentless, the years have well and truly been revived.

It has been a show of two bands who both carry a large loyal following, both bands showcased a fantastic evening of true rock, and grunge, that would fit so many bills.



Dave Pirner – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone, Piano 

Ryan Smith – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals





1/ Got It Pretty Good

2/ Somebody To Shove

3/ Shut Down

4/ Misery

5/ If I Told You

6/ Close

7/ Black Gold

8/ Little Too Clean

9/ Hopped Up Feelin’

10/ Play Video

11/ Bittersweetheart

12/ Can’t Even Tell

13/ Never Really Been

14/ Runaway Train

15/ Without a Trace

16/ Lately

17/ Veil of Tears

18/ Just Like Anyone


19/ String of Pearls

20/ April Fool