Stop And Look Around, There Is A Whole World Around You!

Featured Image by Sue Hughes




Have you ever been driving on the freeway with your cruise control set at a cruising speed, not over the speed limit mind you as I am not advocating breaking the law, but let’s say at the speed limit? You’re riding along and a motorist pulls in front of you at a slower speed. Now, there is no one behind you, so that motorist could have waited a couple of seconds before changing lanes and not impede the speed of anyone. What were they thinking?


Or you’re going through the grocery store and a normal pace just pushing your cart and the person in front of you just stops. I mean just dead in their tracks, and you have all you can do to not implant your cart into their rear orifice. Where is their head at?


Have you ever walked into a store or building and held the door open for someone that was behind you, and they walk by as if you’re not there, or worse like it’s your job? Have you ever felt more invisible? I am sure this is worse for the elderly and the homeless. Are we that calloused? Or, are we so enthralled in our own little life that nobody or nothing matters but me?



Then we introduced the smart phone. Everyone is with their head down staring at a liquid crystal display, not a part of the outside world, just their world. Add that to the examples above and you have potential for injury to yourself, or others.


When have we put on blinders like racehorses blocking out everything except what is directly in our path?  Do you wonder what is happening to society? Most of the population just doesn’t care any longer. What happened to the concept of “Play It Forward”? Nobody does anything without the motivation of what’s in it for me.


Isn’t it funny that those who are screaming for inclusiveness and fairness are the worst offenders?


Maybe I’m wrong and it is about every pronoun for themselves. If we group individuals in categories, it’s human nature to stay within your herd.


We are all children of God which makes us all equal. That is the category I belong to, and I hope you do as well.


So, remove the blinders and look around, it’s safer and life is really about who and what’s around you, so smell the flowers. Life is about the journey, and not all about the destination!