Suede UK Tour 2023, “Performing Classics, Hits and Tracks From New Album 'Auto fiction'” Albert Hall, Manchester, UK, 9th March 2023 .





It’s snowing tonight in Manchester, but I’m not really thinking about weather. I’m on my way to the iconic Albert Hall again and tonight’s gig is Suede, one of my favourite bands, self proclaimed “prancing princes of indie”.  You’re guaranteed one fast paced and high octane show with this band. With a catalogue of hits spanning three decades and the most loyal fan following, it’s atmospheric and energy filled stuff.

Desperate Journalist – Support

Jo Bevan – lead vocal
Simon Drowner – bass
Rob Hardy – guitar
Caz Hellbent – drums

London based Desperate Journalist open for us tonight, and with a real bang from the get go. Post punk, real retro rock n roll with an American feel, I get massive 80s influences coming through. Electro, post punk, glistening guitar lines with synth and backing tracks and real pounding, loud drum beat. Vocal is very striking: sharp and clear, loud, and a grate comes and goes but for the most part it’s very clear, very steady, I get Blondie and the Go-Go’s feels, Simple Minds and Stevie Nicks in the music. It’s all 80s Brat Pack films, anthemic feeling but edgy and a New York basement club vibe running throughout.  Very cool, very conceptual and brilliantly performed. Great band to watch, lots of energy. Loved this set.

Set List

1/ Hollow

2/ Why are you so Boring?

3/ Cristina

4/ Personality

5/ Girlfriend

6/ Everything You Wanted

7/ Cedars

8/ Satellite




Suede –  Headline

Brett Anderson – lead vocal/guitar
Matt Osman – bass
Simon Gilbert – drums
Richard Oakes – lead guitar
Neil Codling – keys/guitar

In 1992, before releasing any material or songs of any kind, Suede were hailed ‘the best new band in Britain’ by Melody Maker. This floppy haired, fur coat wearing, flouncing and androgynous band went on to become not only that but the zeitgeist of the 90s, and then on further to become one of the biggest and best bands in the world. Decades later they still manage to bring fresh material, and anyone who’s ever attended a Suede gig will know this band deliver one hell of a show.

Back in the day Suede gigs were famously wild, untamed, shirt ripping and full of energy. They still are and 30 years on are legendary, with iconic front man, Brett Anderson, as famous for his onstage antics as the songs themselves. I mean, he’s turned arse smacking and microphone whipping into art forms. A Suede gig (and I’m speaking first hand as this will be my 3rd) is a 100 mph experience.

So appearing before us now amidst swirling dry ice and flickering lights, the frantic and fantastical Suede begin their set… With one epic style extended intro, striking beats being hammered into the drum kit, jutting and depth filled bass lines, and jagged and edgy, crunching guitars, it’s a very rock n roll sound, then as the legendary front man himself arrives on stage the sea of rippling, bobbing heads starts to bounce, energy rages and it becomes deafening. Shouting “Come on”, he explodes before us and, gesturing for more, he struts across stage; the charisma simply oozes from him. This whole band are cool, slick and command enormous stage presence, but the sounds…my God, it’s all encompassing … goose bumps, heart pounding, it’s everything, you can feel this…  that’s how good.

Now with the added vocal, shouting, loud, far reaching, characterful and controlled, a deeper tone than we d associate with Suede, but it works, We’ve entered a whole new level, and as Brett runs at the monitors, jumping on them, it actually feels like he could take off and fly over us, pointing and singing with such force, hanging right over us. It’s intense and we can’t tear our eyes off him, this is what I call “the Suede” effect, and my God, once you’ve experienced it, you just want more. It’s a whole experience, added to by the steadfast and loyal followers of the fan group “The Insatiable Ones”. They give off so much feel good energy, it’s obvious how much they love this band and it really does add to the feels of Suede gigs.



The new track from the latest album, ‘Auto fiction’, to me, feels heavier – a depth of sound, rock n roll, deeper vocal, – but it works; it’s crashing indie sounds, real bounce-worthy, dance inducing; you just can’t keep still. But when classics are performed it’s something else: real nostalgia. During ‘The Drowners’ Brett famously comes down off stage and immerses himself fully into the crowd, performing from the thick of it, it’s quite something to be stood inches away from this iconic figure as he sings one of my all time favourite songs – real nostalgia fuelling. The entire crowd sing along as he painstakingly makes his way through the fans, hugging, and interacting as he goes.

It’s a crowd experience never to be forgotten. You just have to love the classic material, none more so than the utterly fizzing sounds of  ‘Metal Mickey’ raining down on us, soaking us in another shower of energy, creating a peak of wildness within the mosh pit, which has gradually crept out from the middle front, wrapping its musical tentacles around this entire venue, even into the balconies. No one is still, the musical madness and frivolity spreading into every corner.  I’ve even spotted someone wearing a pig’s head mask in the front row, a nod to the debut album…when ‘Animal Nitrate’ is played that’s another that goes off; it’s frenzied. ‘So Young’ sees Brett exhibit those microphone juggling skills, swinging it by the cable right out over us in circles, rotating like the blades of a helicopter, ending in wrapping himself in it as the crowd scream and cheer. You just can’t beat this for atmosphere. 

Ending in an utter explosion, going out with as big a bang as they began, with ‘The Beautiful Ones’, Brett’s back in the crowd in an extended version which no one wants to end, This is performed to the max. The encore is ignited by ‘Trash’ and, in what seems like a flash, it’s over, but wow, you genuinely couldn’t ask for more from a gig, It’s been gifted from the musical gods. From raucous dancing and showmanship to haunting acoustic melodies, the high notes of the 90s material, the glistening noughties, indie pop, to the edgy new stuff, it’s all been brought tonight: memory fuelling and nostalgic to atmospheric, edgy and at the time controversial and provocative… Now that’s “the Suede effect!”

Stand out gig for me, keep doing what you do, Suede, cos we really ‘Can’t Get Enough’.  Shout out to Sadie and Steve from The Insatiable Ones for befriending me on the barrier. Yet again Suede were…Suede.  That says it all really. Go see them and you’ll understand.




Set List

1/ Turn off your Brain and Yell

2/ Personality Disorder

3/ 15 Again

4/ The Drowners

5/ Animal Nitrate

6/ Can’t get Enough

7/ To the Birds

8/ The Only Way I can Love you

9/ High Rising

10/ It’s always the Quiet Ones

11/ She still Leads me on

12/ Shadow Self

13/ Starts and Ends

14/ Wild Ones

15/ Black Ice

16/ So Young

17/ Metal Mickey

18/ Beautiful Ones


19/ Trash

20/ Suede