SUICIDAL ANGELS Frontman Nick Melissourgos Discusses Latest Album Profane Prayer, Books, Guitars, More February 24, 2024



Nick Melissourgos is the founder and frontman of thrash metal band Suicidal Angels. The band was created in 2001 in Athens, Greece. They have played some of the biggest festivals and opened for the largest names in the genre, including the opening slot for the Big 4 in 2010. Suicidal Angels is about to release their 8th studio record called Profane Prayer, and it will be available on Nuclear Blast Records on March 1st.

In this interview, Nick discusses the band’s latest album Profane Prayer, special guests and instrumentation on the album, the inspiration behind the band’s lyrics, and the desire to tour the United States.



“When The Lions Die” video:








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