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152 OUT NOW!
“Taking Back Sunday continue on their path to glory with this eighth installment in an already massive catalogue of albums and achievements and if you haven’t been along for the ride, this is indeed a good time to jump aboard” – Everblack Media
“With its melodic overtones and lyrical prowess, Taking Back Sunday knocked this one out of the proverbial park” – All Music Magazine
“152 is an emotional and musical rollercoaster that goes from melancholic, to upbeat, to melancholic, to making you want to dance. Taking Back Sunday have never been afraid to experiment and mix their sound up and this album is a great showcase of what the band used to be, what they are now, and what they could become in the future” – Wall Of Sound
“This is an album that hits all the parts of your inner self emotionally. An album of love, break up, despair, joy, it looks inside you and says what you’ve struggled to say for all these years. It’s more than an emotion filled creamy textured album, it’s a roadmap to your soul and Taking Back Sunday are the drivers” – HiFi Way
“While the traces of emo nostalgia are still there – 152 is named after the North Carolina road where they used to meet up as teenagers – the band has grown, matured and reinvented themselves, and the result is a more uplifting and hopeful sound” – Outsiders Journal

Taking Back SundayJohn Nolan (lead guitar, piano, vocals), Adam Lazzara (lead vocals), Shaun Cooper (bass) and Mark O’Connell (drums), have released their eighth studio album 152, out now via Fantasy Records.

Named for the section of road in North Carolina between Highpoint, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh where the band and their friends would meet up as teenagers, 152 is the multl-platinum selling rock band’s first full-length offering since 2016’s Tidal Wave.

Commenting on their new album 152Taking Back Sunday stated: “152 offers a lot more hope and light than we first realized when we were in the thick of it, putting it all together. We’ve been fortunate enough, through our music, to grow up with a lot of people going through the same things at the same time, and probably feeling the same way. Our hope is that you’re able to find a little bit of yourself in this new collection of songs, because you’re not alone, and neither are we.”
Produced by Tushar Apte (whom the band met through a mutual collaboration with noted DJ Steve Aoki) and mixed by Neal Avron (Twenty One Pilots, Bleachers), the long-awaited LP features 10 intensely vulnerable and absorbing new tracks all delivered with fresh ambition and newfound purpose. Inspired by the long layoff and the cloud of uncertainty that blanketed the world (and music industry) these past few years, 152 stands among the most genuinely reflective and emotionally pure efforts of Taking Back Sunday’s illustrious career.
“You would think after 20 years, we knew what each other is going to do,” said Lazzara“But there were so many times making this record where I heard the initial idea and thought I knew where it would go, but then I was super surprised. It’s those kinds of surprises that make it so exciting. That’s why we all still want it so badly.”
Added O’Connell”When we’re writing songs, the one thing we ask ourselves, ‘Is it capable of making people feel something?’ You try to make people feel emotion. That’s the one goal we went in with, and we think we did it.”
From the album’s intricate riffs and anthemic vocals to its elegantly warm synths and economical string arrangements, the quartet work-shopped these new tracks like never before. That musical ambition, both musically and lyrically, is evident on the soaring album opener, Amphetamine Smiles, a powerful tale of reconnection that is as much about the band themselves as it is the world at-large. From send-up to seriousness, Taking Back Sunday continually challenged one another, exploring musical ideas in new and exciting ways. So many of these tracks dig deep and connect on a gut level. S’old struggles with the obligations of adult responsibility and acceptance, (the previously released single) The One, is a far-reaching anthem of love and brotherhood, Keep Going, tracks the self-defeating darkness of betrayal, and Quit Trying, drips with a ‘can’t run from who you are’ self-awareness. All through 152, the consistent thread is one of generosity, gratitude and ultimately, hope.
Over two decades, Taking Back Sunday have cultivated a massive, dedicated fanbase built around music that reverberates with sincerity, desire, and connection. The influential, beloved rock powerhouse, originally from Long Island, NY, brought songcraft and pop sensibilities to punk’s rigid conformity that expanded the genre’s contours and carried the band to new heights.
Despite the sizable gap between releases, a new generation of fans have discovered Taking Back Sunday and their enduring legacy has only grown in stature. The new album proves it was well worth the wait. 152 is Taking Back Sunday at their very best, a gripping and self-assured statement from an essential band once again at the peak of their prodigious powers.
Taking Back Sunday will perform this November in North America before heading to Australia for Good Things Festival alongside Fall Out Boy, Limp Bizkit, Devo and many more. The band will also appear in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney at their own Good Things Festival headline sideshows.

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