Terry Ilous (XYZ, Ex-Great White) and Brett Carlisle (Great White, AON) Talk New Single, Great White, More 12/9/2022



Terry Ilous has been a singer/songwriter/session musician and all around veteran of the music business for more than 40 years. He had great success as the frontman for the band XYZ, selling millions of records. He also spent 9 years as the singer of Great White, recording three records with that band.

Brett Carlisle is a 25-year old singer based out of the Birmingham, Alabama area. He is the frontman of the band All Or Nothing (AON), and he is the current singer of Great White. There is a new single out called “Dead Or Alive” from Terry Ilous & George Lynch, and it features Brett and his band All Or Nothing.

Terry and Brett were nice enough to sit down and talk about this great new “Dead Or Alive” single, as well as their time and experience with Great White, how to succeed in the music business, and what they might have coming our way in the future!




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