Tesseract Unleash 'The Grey' Single, Alongside Immersive Video Game 'War Of Being' – Touring May 2024



Unleash ‘The Grey’ Single
Alongside Immersive Video Game ‘War Of Being’

New Album, War Of Being, Out Sept 15 via Kscope
Touring Australia May 2024



Following their earth-shattering return with an announcement of a world tour, new single and epic 11 minute cinematic video for title track ‘War Of Being’, TesseracT continue their journey into The Strangeland in the form of new single ‘The Grey’. 

‘The Grey’ builds on signature grooves that undulate in TesseracT’s sound flanked by polyrhythmic rhythms tied together by the band’s iconic melodies. It’s yet another example of the multi-faceted appeal of their sound and proves that they can craft immediate and affecting tracks just as masterfully as their epic 11 minutes opuses. 

Regarding the track, Amos Williams had the following to say: 
The Grey explores the story and character within the Strangeland of the same name. A character who has suppressed their own voice to the point that they have blended into the shadows, their story lost amongst the white noise of the world. Through the song we experience their journey as they wrestle with their frustration and sorrow at how they have ended up this way.  

It’s a powerful, energetic piece that pushes each member of TesseracT to a next level of musicianship and expression. And continues to shine a light upon the diversity that can be expected from War Of Being.  

Alongside the release of the single is a fully functional, immersive videogame titled ‘War Of Being’. Launched on August 11th, the user can enter the world of the album bridging the gap between listening and experience to create a living, breathing concept that brings you closer to the world of TesseracT than ever before.

In celebration of the early access game, the band have made a visualiser for the single which incorporates areas seen in the game alongside the track itself. The visualiser, made by Amos Williams, is available 



In the game’s ‘Early Access’ fans can expect to explore several surreal landscapes, meet characters from the concept of ‘War Of Being’ and solve puzzles in order to unlock parts of TesseracT’s second single ‘The Grey. The end of the game will unlock the full song where the play can listen from within the same breathtaking landscapes used in the ‘War Of Being’ music video. 


Download and Play HERE


After finishing the album recording in August 2022, singer and frontman of TesseracT Daniel Tompkins immediately began his focus on developing War Of Being VR and desktop computer game based entirely on the album’s original concept, created by Amos Williams and himself. Tompkins is the lead designer and developer of the game alongside Adam Boyt (Programmer / Developer) and Kirsty Harvey (3D Designer).


Regarding the game Dan said the following: 
As a keen gamer and live streamer I have always understood the potential waiting for a musical project to bridge the gap between the gaming and music worlds and with such a visually stunning concept, I could see that this was the perfect opportunity to bring it to life in virtual reality and as a desktop game.


“This has been without a doubt the biggest project I have personally ever undertaken and is a huge achievement for our developers. It has pushed us to our absolute limits and I’m so proud to have accomplished the beginnings of a fully developed game on Steam.”

The game will be available exclusively on Steam and playable in VR on Viva / Rift S and Oculus accompanied by a SteamDeck playable version.

‘War Of Being’ was recorded at Middle Farm Studios in the United Kingdom with Peter Miles (Architects/Sylosis/Dodie) co-producing with the band alongside Katherine Marsh of Choir Noir (Bring Me The Horizon / Architects / Marillion). Assisting with additional programming and production, the band were joined by Randy Slaugh (PeripheryArchitects, Devin Townsend). With additional engineering by Forrester Savell (Karnivool). The artwork, which features characters ‘ex’ and ‘el’ was created in collaboration between AI and human as a means to extend the concept into its presentation. 


War Of Being track listing: 
1 – Natural Disaster
2 – Echoes
3 – The Grey 
4 – Legion 
5 – Tender
6 – War Of Being
7 – Sirens
8 – Burden
9 – Sacrifice


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TesseracT will make their triumphant return to Australia in May 2024! Their devoted fans have endured a seemingly endless six-year wait for this momentous occasion!

Sitting outside the limits of any genre specificity, TesseracT are an unstoppable force of off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies, bending grooves and disorientating atmospherics.

Prepare for a night of unparalleled sonic wizardry as TesseracT take you on an aural journey like no other. An event of sensory overload that you simply must surrender to and experience. 



Thursday, May 2: Princess Theatre, Brisbane Lic AA
Friday, May 3:  Metro Theatre, Sydney Lic AA
Saturday, May 4: Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne 18+
Tuesday, May 7: Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide Lic AA
Thursday, May 9: Magnet House, Perth 18+

Tickets on sale now HERE


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