The Chameleons Knockout The Crowd at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California on June 9, 2024




Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California on June 9, 2024, featured a great lineup and a great crowd. The show featured No Lights and the English group The Chameleons, and it was quite a spectacle. Despite starting late at 9:00 pm on a Sunday night, no one seemed to mind. It was an epic show that shouldn’t be missed. This was night two of a two-night set and it was on fire.

No Lights is a local San Francisco band, and they were amazing. They delivered a powerful and dedicated performance that got the crowd moving. They opened with “Intro” and then proceeded to rock out with “Nowhere To Run,” showcasing their full sound. Their set also included the songs “Antenna” and “Summer School,” and they wrapped up with “Fade Away,” ending the night on a high note. It was the perfect way to kick off the evening.


Band Members:

Matt O’Brien – Guitar/Lead Vocalist

Dan Sneddon – Drums

Israel Branson – Guitar

Ian Miller – Bass




1). Intro

2). Nowhere To Run

3). Shallow Breathing

4). Sparrows

5). Antenna

6). Summer School

7). Fade Away


The Chameleons were the highly anticipated band of the evening. The band was formed Middleton, Greater Manchester, in 1981. They delivered an amazing performance, playing the entire album “Strange Times”. They kicked off the set with the incredible “Mad Sack” and continued with powerful renditions of “Tears”, “Soul”, and “Time”. The standout performances of the night were “Seriocity” and “Childhood” Both songs were off the 1986 release Strange Times.

After completing the album, they took a short break before returning to play some of their classic hits. The encore began with their #1 hit single “Where Are You”, followed by three songs dedicated to two special people. First, they performed “Looking Inwardly” for Dan and then dedicated “Everyday I’m Crucified” and “Things I Wish I Said” to Katie – a touching moment. They closed the evening with “Don’t Fall”, a fitting end to a wonderful night.


Band Members:

Mark Burgess – bass, vocals

Danny Ashbery – Keyboards

 Stephen Rice- guitar

Todd Demma – drums

Nicola Harrison – guitar




1). Mad Jack

2). Caution

3). Tears

4). Soul in Isolation

5). Swamp Thing (with The Beatles’ “Rain” snippet)

6). Time/The End of Time

7). Seriocity

8). In Answer

9). Childhood

10). I’ll Remember


11). Where Are You?

12). Looking Inwardly

13). Everyday I’m Crucified (tour debut)

14). Things I Wish I’d Said (tour debut)

15). Second Skin (with The Police’s “”Invisible Sun” & The Beatles’ “Please Please Me” snippets & band intros)

16). Don’t Fall (With David Bowie’s “Cracked Actor” snippet.)


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