The 046 Release Highly Anticipated Album ๐Ÿ”Š








Hailing from Western Sydney, rap powerhouse The 046 has unleashed their eagerly-awaited sophomore album, Rhythm & Gutta” following the independent success of their latest single KeepUp’. With a rapidly growing fanbase, the group has been thrust into the spotlight and their steadfast devotion to crafting high-quality releases truly comes to life on this album, highlighting their undeniable skills and artistry. Group members Kymza, Ronza, E.T and Jizza proudly wear their OG hip-hop influences on their sleeves, earning nationwide support while stamping relevance and respect from their contemporaries.

The piรจce de rรฉsistance of the album is the old-school hip-hop anthem ‘Test Us ft. Say True God?’, an ode to OG west coast hip-hop and produced by the promising local producer Nogs. The standout track features a stellar collaboration with Brisbane up and comer Say True God? whose staunch but melodic verse elevates the song with confidence and attitude. 

Established in 2019, The 046 has attracted an incredibly devoted fanbase boasting over 300,000 monthly listeners across all platforms. Their unique sound and style have garnered critical acclaim and widespread attention earning them early support from Rolling Stone, Take Flight, triple j and CADA, solidifying their place among Australia’s most thrilling and genuine independent rap groups.



Latest single โ€˜Keep Upโ€™ rapidly garnered over 200,000 views in just 10 days, adding to the groups cumulative 12 million views across YouTube in just under 12 months.

“Rhythm & Gutta” is a potent collection of 26 tracks that showcase the group’s signature style, storytelling prowess, incisive lyrics and fierce beats. The album meticulously captures the group’s collective journey and the challenges they’ve conquered to achieve their current level of success. To promote the album, The 046 released a robust lineup of singles including ‘Still G’s’, ‘Keep It Different’, ‘Blessings‘ and the most recent ‘Keep Up‘ collectively amassing over 4 million streams along the way.

Enlisting a strong team of creatives from around the country, producers Nogs and Astro work alongside executive producer Sefru who’s collective works can be heard throughout the album. “Rhythm & Gutta” also showcases the crews deep community ties within the hip hop scene with features from Th4 W3st, Enzo, Shely210 and juggernaught, Brisbane rapper Lisi

In the group’s own words: “Our new album ‘Rhythm & Gutta’ represents a new chapter for us all. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this project and we’re excited to share it with our fans around the world. It’s a reflection of our experiences, our struggles, and our vision for the future. We hope our fans can connect with it and enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

With strong ties to their Western Sydney community, the impressive progress the group has made in the past 12 months demonstrates that independent artists can indeed thrive in a saturated market through genuine fan engagement and authentic connections.

If ‘Rhythm & Gutta’ is anything to go by, we will be hearing and seeing (wink wink) a lot more from the group throughout 2023 and beyond. Their sophomore album is available now on all major platforms.


The 046 “Rhythm & Gutta” is out now, buy/stream it here.
1. Intro
2. Still Gโ€™s
3. Test Us ft Say True God?
4. Keep It Different
5. All That ft. Buzza
6. Paid Our Dues ft. Th4 W3st
7. Real Enough ft Mwayz
8. Keep Up
9. My Block ft ENZO & Shely210
10. Way Out
11. Out The Mud
12. My Bros
13. Fuss
14. Paranoid
15. Blessings ft E.T
16. A Letter From E.T (Interlude)
17. Other Side
18. Pay Us
19. Growing Up
20. Streetz 2.0
21. Heartless
22. Spread
23. Leave Me Alone ft Lisi
24. Dejavu
25. No Way
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