The Alley Rocks Post Covid-19 Shutdown With The Beautiful Bastards

Phase two of the reopening from the Covid-19 shut down of non-essential businesses in the State of Florida is on June 5, 2020. On Thursday night June 4th we got a sneak peek of the reopening of live music in the city of Sanford. The Law Offices of Kaufman & Lynd sponsored Bike Thursday at The Alley in downtown Sanford. Many were on hand for the barbecue buffet and some rock and roll music from The Beautiful Bastards. Rick Navarro Lead singer/bass, Dean Aicher Lead Guitar, and the dynamic Timothy DiDuro (Timbo) on drums entertained the modest crowd for two and a half hours as the show had to be completed by 10pm to cooperate with the current curfews in place because of civil unrest. All Music Magazine’s Mark Horan of MarkHoran.Pictures LLC was on the scene taking in the great music.

The Beautiful Bastards are seasoned musicians and put on a great show in any venue. Dean Aicher rips on the lead guitar and Rick Navarro fills the lead vocals and the bass line. Timothy DiDuro on his Pearl drum kit has performed with Slaughter, Skid Row, Vince Neil, Scrap Metal, Pipestone, and The Kill. Timbo is a treat to watch behind the drum kit.

The Beautiful Bastards are a band that cover songs from Billy Joel, Chicago, to Led Zeppelin.  The Bastards have been a part of the Orlando music scene for over the past six years and they perform regularly so be sure to check out their schedule.



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