Coming off their viral single ‘Blame Brett’, Canadian rock darlings The Beaches continue their upward trajectory with their Blame My Ex LP, out today via AWAL. The Beaches exhibit new maturity on the record, melding gritty, groovy instrumentals with sharp, specific lyricism as they explore the triumphs and disappointments of mid-20s growing pains. Sometimes funny, sometimes caustic, but always authentic, Blame My Ex is a satisfying mashup of anthemic bops and tender, introspective tracks that touches on heartbreak, transition, and growth. In anticipation of the album release The Beaches have had “” billboards popping up in every major city across Canada. 

Opening track ‘Blame Brett’ is infectious from the onset, teasing just the briefest hint of lead singer Jordan Miller’s isolated vocals before the frenetic instrumentals explode into life behind her. Vibrant guitar riffs, a riveting bass line, and frantic percussion meld into an eclectic instrumental tapestry, shimmering with a satisfying urgency and angst. The track is unapologetically chaotic and shamelessly audacious, carving out a niche as a totally unique take on the break up anthem. But beneath the nonchalant facade there is a deep well of vulnerability and anguish. Miller is a femme fatale and a force of nature as she sings: “I’m sorry in advance / I’m only gonna treat you bad / I’m probably gonna let you down / I’m probably gonna sleep around.” 

Opening with attention-grabbing strumming from the band’s guitarists, Kylie Miller and Leandra Earl, ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Paranoid’ starts off with a restrained tension that eventually bursts forth in the chorus. Lamenting the trials of navigating self-doubt in relationships, Jordan Miller puts a spin on the classic adage ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ instead bluntly singing “what doesn’t kill you makes you paranoid / what doesn’t kill you makes you feel like your love ain’t s***.” 

‘Me & Me’ is a beach-y, soft rock jam perfectly suited for the summer. Throughout the song, an infectious guitar riff rolls smoothly in the background while Jordan’s distinctive alto asserts the group’s determination to conquer heartache and loneliness with moxie: “save your pity, bitch / it’s kind of fun, just me and me / won’t waste my life self-loathing.” High-spirited and addictive, ‘Me & Me’ is yet another perfect example of the charismatic spunk that distinguishes The Beaches as one of contemporary rock’s rising stars. 

On ‘Everything Is Boring’ The Beaches push back against the apathy and existential dread that fills the void post heartbreak. A sardonic twist on the childhood “it’s raining/it’s pouring” nursery rhyme, “Everything Is Boring” thrums with a relentless percussion from drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel and a throbbing bass line. Gossamer background vocals and a luminous guitar hook ease the ache on the thought-provoking track. 

The Beaches team up with alt-rockers Beach Weather on the sensuous ‘My Body Ft. Your Lips’. An irresistible slow burn, ‘My Body Ft. Your Lips’ simmers with a hypnotic, repressed sexuality that has finally erupted and now runs wild. Grimy, metallic guitars and sticky percussion sway beneath Jordan Miler’s throaty, seductive alto. ‘My Body Ft. Your Lips’ oozes passion, chaos, and longing as Jordan and Beach Weather lead singer Nick Santino sing “I want to be your bitch / I want to taste your spit / I want to be your bitch / leaving a mark on my innocence.” 

The revved up Kismet’ is a pop-tinged, quippy delight. The shout-along anthemic chorus falls perfectly amongst energetic drums, a bouncing bass line, and surging guitar. The Beaches poke fun at the idea of soul mates with the lyric “Wow! We’re in the same city / We’re both relatively pretty / We’re both single, under fifty /Must be kismet, so kiss me /woo! mwah!” Effortlessly fun and charming even in its teasing, ‘Kismet’ is a pumped up pop-power anthem perfect for a fresh crush. 

In the closing tracks of the LP The Beaches dive deeper into the challenges and uncertainties of love. On the wistful ‘Shower Beer’, a frolicking, sweet instrumental is juxtaposed against the anxiety of feeling incapable of maintaining a healthy relationship, displayed by the lyric “I’ve got fear of missing out / I want to get drunk and slip up / I need to be talked about.” Soaring and swooning, ‘Edge of the Earth’ captures the burning desire and soul deep terror of an avoidantly attached person falling in love. Tinged with a wild euphoria all four band members contribute vocals to the anthemic chorus singing, “I can’t go any further ‘til I start coming back to you.” The melancholic and raw track ‘If A Tree Falls’ pairs a celestial guitar with soft, yearning vocals and laments a relationship that has been permanently damaged by infidelity. 

Closing track ‘Cigarette’ thrashes and churns, pairing a methodic bass line with a desperate snare to capture the all consuming obsession of limerence. Jordan’s vocals are a passionate, visceral wail as she sings “I’m yours, yes / I want to be your cigarette, yes / and of course, of course, yes / I’ll stay forever on  your lips.” Frenetic and relentless “Cigarette” oozes unfettered desire and shameless passion. 

Earlier this month the quarter kicked off their headlining North American tour to support the release of Blame My Ex. Fresh off the festival circuit having recently played Lollapalooza, The Beaches will perform for crowds across 25 shows in their native Canada as well as the United States.



BLAME MY EX tracklist

1. Blame Brett

2. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Paranoid

3. Me & Me

4. Everything Is Boring

5. My Body Ft. Your Lips (with Beach Weather)

6. Kismet 

7. Shower Beer

8. Edge of the Earth

9. If A Tree Falls

10. Cigarette

Photo credit: Becca Hamel

More Info About The Beaches:

Named after the neighbourhood they lived in, The Beaches is composed of lead vocalist/bassist Jordan Miller, guitarist Kylie Miller, keyboardist/guitarist Leandra Earl, and drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel. As self-proclaimed lifers, The Beaches forfeited a typical university experience to pursue their careers in music – a topic that is often addressed in their lyrics.

After releasing their self-titled EP in 2013, the group landed a major label deal with Island Records in 2016. Under Island Records they released their debut album Late Show as well as their next two EP’s, The Professional (2019) and Future Lovers (2021), which were later combined for a full-length release called Sisters Not Twins (The Professional Lovers Albums) in 2022. They have garnered over 60 million streams across Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music. Having sold 30,000 albums in Canada alone, it’s no surprise that they have found themselves awarded with six #1 singles on Canadian Alternative Radio.

The Beaches have opened for iconic acts such as The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters, as well as many other critically acclaimed artists (Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, The Aces, Passion Pit, and Eagles of Death Metal). Their last album was described by Elton John as “The best rock album of last year,” and they’ve been recognized with two Juno Awards: Rock Album of the Year (2022) and Breakthrough Group of the Year (2018). In 2022 the band embarked on a successful North American tour with sold out shows across Canada, including HISTORY in Toronto, Corona Theatre (Montreal, QC) and London Music Hall (London, ON).

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