The Black Crows perform during their $hake Your Money Maker Tour on 8/18/2021 at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, CA (Photo © Alan Hess)

The Black Crowes – $hake Your Money Maker Tour in Chula Vista, California 8-18-2021


A great night of Rock ‘n Roll in Southern California as The Black Crowes brought their $hake Your Money Maker tour to Chula Vista, California. The weather was great, the traffic was light, the crowd was enthusiastic, and everybody (us photographers included) were looking forward to some live music after a very long break.

Up first were Dirty Honey, a band I have never seen live before, but I was eager to see with my own eyes what I had been told about them. All the great reviews were spot on, this band is just straight up rock ‘n roll. They had the unenviable position of opening a show as the crowds made their way into the venue, but from the first note, those lucky enough to be in the audience knew they were seeing a great band in the early stages of their career. I expect I will be seeing and hearing a lot more from these guys. You owe it to yourself to check them out.



Marc Labelle – Vocals

John Notto – Guitar

Justin Smolian – Bass

Cory Coverstone – Drums



1.)  Gypsy
2.)  Break You
3.)  No Warning 
4.)  Last Child   (Aerosmith cover) 
5.)  Tied Up 
6.)  Heartbreaker 
7.)  Down the Road
8.)  California Dreamin’ 
9.)  The Wire 
10.)  Another Last Time 
11.)  When I’m Gone
12.)  Rolling 7s


I have been a fan of the Black Crowes since I was gifted their first album back in 1990. I was in college and my roommate worked in the record store, and when he heard Shake Your Money Maker, he brought home a copy for me and I was hooked. Being able to see them perform the album live all these years later was both a great rock ‘n roll show and a fantastic trip down memory lane. Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson really looked like they were having fun on stage which translates into the music. There is nothing better than a band who is having fun and the audience is just along for the ride.



Chris Robinson– Vocals

Rich Robinson – Guitar/Vocals

Sven Pipien – Bass/Vocals

Raj Ojha – Drums

Joel Robinow – Keyboards/Vocals

Isaiah Mitchell – Guitar





1.)  Twice as Hard
2.)  Jealous Again
3.)  Sister Luck
4.)  Could I’ve Been So Blind
5.)  Seeing Things
6.)  Hard to Handle    (Otis Redding cover)
7.)  Thick N’ Thin
8.)  She Talks to Angels
9.)  Struttin’ Blues
10.)  Stare It Cold
11.)  No Speak No Slave
12.)  Horsehead
13.)  Soul Singing
14.)  Sometimes Salvation
15.)  Wiser Time 
16.)  Thorn in My Pride    (Extended Jam / Band Introductions) 
17.)  Sting Me 
18.)  Remedy 


19.)  Hey Hey What Can I Do  (Led Zeppelin cover)
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